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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Headed to the Canucks vs Predators game at GM Place, which is a pretty sweet way to spend my last night in YVR before heading to YYZ tomorrow night. Had a dog with fried onions and a pretzel too...and 3 tiny red wines. Oh, and did I mention we WON!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Yay, another half day today, which is perfect because I still have to buy my stepadad's present before seeing him tonight. A few minutes at Roots after work was all I needed. Dinner at the Keg was delicious, Ravenswood and Sirloin...another successful birthday dinner!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Pooped and tired. Stayed home to gather up strength for 3 more days of work!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Got home fairly early last night, but it didn't stop me from staying in to nurse myself back to health today. Went shopping at Pottery Barn (good thing I didn't drive because parking was a NIGHTMARE). Also went to Pacific Centre afterwards for that one last prezzie. Had dinner plans with a friend as my pre-birthday dinner. Baru Latino...never been there before but hope to be back. I didn't know I liked plantains, but then again, it was deep fried, right? Also got a ton of presents and feel truly spoilt. I'm loving my birthday this year so far!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Feeling much better today, so was able to enjoy dinner with my bff at Society. Their macaroni and cheese balls are heavenly, and so were the nachos and tiger prawn linguine. Friends dropped by after dinner for the Junk Food Platter - the four of us polished it off very nicely...perfect for PMS-ing potheads.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


it was our department lunch today and we did it in Style at Bacchus in the Wedgewood Hotel. Bubbles and Reds...perfect accompaniment to my salad and shrimp club house. Followed by a much-needed manicure at the Spa in Hotel Vancouver. Pampered and pooped. I'm still sick but hoping that the supermeds that the clinin doctor gave me will work its magic!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Stayed home right after I got to work because my nose was running non-stop. Took some neo-citran and just stayed in a vegetative state all night.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A belated birthday dinner for a friend at Provence Marinaside - what a disappointment. Oh well, at least I'll know not to head there next time.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday already?

Another nice friend scored hockey tickets and I was able to watch the Canucks beat the LA Kings. Great seats with a great view of all the action. Had dinner again at Moxie's and went to the game after the anthem...hehe. Another plus, I worked only a half day today, so the four hours in between were filled with a visit from a friend that I've been meaning to see again. lol smiley face...

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Rested again all day at home to recover (is it me or is the recovery period a lot longer than when I was in university). Headed to dinner with a friend to Earl's but not the usual one. For a change of scenery, he took me to the one on Kingsway, where I pigged out on sushi and wings. Very interesting conversations...

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Totally reminds me of Ben and Nick. Makes me a little sad that our lil guys weren't as unique as we thought!

Stay at Home Saturday

After doing china white shots at bar none and late night snacking at tsui heng, I rested. It's like the 90s all over again! Headed out for dinner afterwards at Aki on Alberni and ran into an old friend...nice.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Fun

Superstar lifestyle: kickstarting the weekend on Friday night: office xmas party, followed by dinner with a friend at Moxie's, and then dj kid cudi & lady gaga concert at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, and ending up at bar none with co-workers? Also headed to Tsui Heng for late night snacks and Uva for a night cap.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


My friend was nice enough to take me to the Thrasher's game tonight. We went to Moxie's first to grab a good parking spot and then had a nice leisurely dinner before the game. It was a good game...we won, of course, I was there! lol.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Working Wednesday

Had a 12-hour day today because our company's AGM was tonight at the Four Seasons, preceeded by a quick dinner at Victoria (near the Hyatt). The meeting ran long and dinner was dry. Needless to say, I crawled over to Earl's (my home away from home, it feels like) for a bevvie and some good music. Always nice.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Dinner with an old classmate from Little Flower Academy at Earl's by my house. Stayed home sick but ended up going to BPL to return some books I had borrowed. She came to pick my sorry butt up as I had sprained my neck and couldn't even shoulder check! We spent about 3 hours trying to catch up on 10 years. I'd say we made a pretty good dent into it. Wow - we have SO much history together, it's scary!!

Monday, December 07, 2009


Dinner with my stepdad at his curling club tonight, followed by a snack at Habit with a friend whose birthday is coming up. Good times.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Suddenly Saturday

Strangest morning...I slept at 7, woke up around 11, and then showered. But for some reason, I didn't feel like I rested at all. Went back to bed, and slept until 4. I guess the sleeplessness of the night before finally caught up with me.
So having slept through breakfast and lunch, I decided that tonight would be a good night for an "all you can eat" dinner at Fish on Rice. Since I didn't have to watch the hoochie show that my dining companion did, I put away alot more food that he did...who knew that the entrance of FOR would be a good location for a photo shoot for the mamas...aye papy...I do like it when other people order at AYCE places, I always underorder...haha
Went to a friend's place for a drink afterwards and had a great time catching up, even though we couldn't smoke through Austin Powers like we used to. It didn't stop us from watching the movie twice though! LOL.


Lyrics (here)

Empire State of Mind ~ JayZ Rihanna (video)

Lyrics (here)

Crack a Bottle ~ Eninem (video)

Lyrics (here)

When you can't blog~LOL Smiley Face ~ Trey Songz (video)

And when you're to tired to type, you embed...don't hate.

Lyrics (here)

You Raise Me Up ~ Josh Groban

Enough said...

You look at him and you will find that special one...who will raise you walk on stormy seas, and stand on mountains.

Lyrics (here)

Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson (video)

I know I've skipped a few Fridays, but I'm trying to make it up to you guys.
Here is a song I heard from the AMAs last week, that really made me sit down and take notice. That's saying something, considering both JLo and Adam Lambert fell. Beautiful lyrics, Lovely sentiment...get it? Diggy...???
Lyrics (here)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wing Wednesday

Indulged in some good old Thai Wings at Earl's yesterday! Sipped on a bottle of red and just chilled. I like Wednesdays that aren't too crazy...and I loved the bonus Dry Ribs at the end.
Grabbed a quick shower, turned my phone off and called it a night! Beauty.

Oh Tiger...

Hey, he may be God's Gift to Golf, but he's only human, right?
Tiger Woods Voicemail Transcript
Hey it's Tiger, I need you to do me a huge favor. Can you please take your name off your phone? My wife went through my phone and may be calling you. So if you can, please take your name off that. Just have it as a number on the voicemail. You got to do this for me. Huge. Quickly. Bye.
Hear it for yourself.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Home after work to get ready for dinner with my favourite man, my stepdad. With my mom out of town, I get the enviable task of taking him out for dinner once a week! We went for pasta at L'artista...since he was lucky enough to have Chinese for lunch. Darn, wish I did too!
But at least we got to have a great meal, he had leftovers for lunch, and we split that yummy bottle of wine.
Home and decided to ignore the TV in favour of my iPod. Ended up in bed by 11 - even read a bit of the book I borrowed from a friend. Darn, he's back from his trip now, I think, and I'm only on page 20. Oooops.

Monday, November 30, 2009

More Rain? Monday

I think my umbrella is permanently attached to my hand. You know you've had a great weekend when you're glad it's Monday, just for the normalcy it brings.
Chatted with 416/905 and got all caught up! Exciting weekends all around!
My bff felt sorry for my limping and scored me some BBQ Duck for dinner. Just heat, eat, and repeat! Too lazy to make rice. Too sick of instant noodles. Too tired to be inventive!
Sleep fairly early and discovered the beauty of Bedside mode on my berry...I think I'm addicted to it now.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Skating Sunday

Slept in, woke up around 11 and was fully recovered by about 3pm. Sure glad I didn’t have to drive on my twisted ankle all weekend.
But had to head over to pick up bff for a work event…knowing that there was no way I could actually partake in the skating portion of the event. We got lost trying to find the location, and drove all around Burnaby, until the thing practically jumped out at us. The biggest fear was running out of gas…
She came home with me and gave me a much-needed and very thorough manicure, all while we watched the American Music Awards from last week! What a great way to end an all-too-exciting weekend.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Swinging Saturday

Woke up late and with a sore ankle…didn’t get to meet up for brunch with the 416ers who were still on 416 time! Had a quickie bowl of pho and then met up with them at the hotel. Dinner wasn’t until later, so we decided to do something cultural in the afternoon. We decided to go to the Aquarium in Stanley Park. I can’t believe what a great time we had. We saw sharks, eels, snakes, cockroaches, bats, stick bugs…and the truly disgusting Pacific Hagfish. Hagfish scavenge the dead: they enter a fish’s mouth and anus to eat it from the inside out. They’re nature’s trash collectors. Damn…that’s nasty!
To give her sister and beau some privacy, Jules and I headed to Rosie’s for a quick drink and a small bite…and to catch the first period of the Canucks versus Oilers game. After 5 goals in the first period, all Jules could say was…WOW, this never happens in Toronto! That’s right sister! So with a successful first period over, we headed back to the hotel where the sisters got ready for dinner. The BF and I just drank Smirnoff Ice (yes, he FINALLY managed to get his hands on some)!We were well taken care of at Cibo - as usual. The pastas were good, and the wines were even better! Good thing we didn't eat too much because there is no way I would have agreed to go clubbing after a full meal.
So now, the party animals are interested in clubbing tonight! Well, I managed to swing a hookup and got us into Republic…on the guest list…Had another few drinks there…and danced on my twisted ankle!
To continue the trend of WORLDS COLLIDE, I ran into a good friend of an old friend outside the club and chatted – er, at least that’s what I was told…hic!!
Decided to call it a night, heading to Uva for a coffee before bed. Had a buddy come and meet up…and we just chilled for an hour or so and slowly made my way home…as my mind’s fog began clearing…

Friday, November 27, 2009

416 meets 604

Friend of mine from TO came for a visit and we decided to head to Hapa for a drink and some sushi/izakaya things…had a great time! So glad my 416 friends and 604 pals can get along so well. We all learnt lots about the various kosher rules that one must follow.
During the course of the night, I hate to say it, but WORLDS STILL COLLIDING.
When I filled Jules in on the whole convoluted circle that is know as the tiny world of Vancouver, even HER jaw dropped. Things like this just doesn’t happen in TO.
Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle getting up from the table, and it took my very kind 604 friend to carry me to the car, princess-style.
I was unceremoniously dumped into his Gayman…but who’s complaining after a twisted and slightly swollen ankle.
Good thing the original plan of clubbing fell through, because I probably would've broken the damn ankle...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thundering Thursday

Yay – another hockey game! Got home after a long day at work and changed into comfy jeans! The last game I went to wasn’t exactly the best, considering we didn’t score once!
When I got asked to go to this game, I didn’t even know it was PPV. A couple of my co-workers were doing the PPV at Earl’s and there was a twinge when I found out I couldn’t go.
All twinges were gone once the Canucks got onto the ice though.
Great effort by Burrows, Sedin, Glass and especially Wellwood – who ended his 23 game drought with an empty netter!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What a Wednesday

After meeting my mom for one last time before her trip to HK, I went downtown to visit with a friend who was visiting from the States.
We decided to go to Voya for dinner at the Loden hotel. Funky atmosphere...
The food was amazing...we started off with two dozen oysters…well, we started off with martinis, then oysters…then sliders, and a wild salmon tempura roll.
Whoa…almost had to roll outta there! But it sure was worth it.
Made for a very interesting night...
I like people who like food…

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tidying Tuesday

Headed home after work to help my mom put the finishing touches on her box and suitcase. We got everything measured and weighed. One box of stuff (all for my sister) was 43lbs, well under the 50lb limit for overseas travel. Her suitcase of clothing...only 23lbs, and half of that were probably my sister's additional stuff that didn't fit into the box!
After she felt a ltitle less stressed, we got ready and headed out for dinner at Milestone's with some of my stepdad's friends. So nice that they picked a place that I could walk to!
Although these people are strangers...they're not really that strange (corny, I know). They are nice, although a little bit older than the people I normally hang with! :)
Forced myself to have another early night, since I know I'll be making a night of it every night the rest of this week!! Got home, showered and hopped into bed.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Malady Monday

Woke up with a very bad asthma attack and decided to stay home. Was trying to fight it off all weekend, but I guess I didn't take enough Vitamin C...
Friend of mine brought over some sushi which was supposed to be lunch, and ended up being dinner. Very good sushi...probably because I didn't eat all day!
Slept early so that I'd be nice and fresh for work tomorrow, it's going to be fun catching up on everything!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shutout Sunday

Headed to the Colorado hockey game with a friend and it was fun, even though we lost. We did have good scoring chances, but we just never got any Pucken Luck! Oh well.
Sure was nice to see #22 back in fine form...too cute!
Good fights and good friends...can't complain.
Oh, except for the expensive cheap wine that came in a cracked plastic cup...spilled more than I drank, dammit!
Chatted on the phone after I got home, and had a late night visitor too. I can't turn down a friend who needs a place to sober up...I'd feel too guilty!
So much for an early night.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Solo Saturday

Woke up late and had to meet my mom to deal with her car insurance for while she is in HK. Good thing the agent is a friend and we were able to push it back an hour. Did the good daughter thing and went for brunch at White Spot. Contrary to last week's brunch at Milestone's where I couldn't eat, I ATE! Nat's Hearty...that's a hangover cure!
Stayed home to relax and recover, and had bbf over for some tv and gossip. Always fun!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally Friday

Heading out for drinks with a co-worker because it's her last day at work. We headed down to the Gallery Lounge at the Hyatt. After that, I headed over to Shore Club for drinks with another ex-coworker. Had a great time meeting new people. After the puck dropped, we headed over to the Keg Yaletown and had a quick dinner. Some yummy French Onion Soup, Tuna Tataki and a Slider later...I was full and ready for another night of partying.
Headed over to Soho Billiards to meet a friend that were playing a round of pool before a poker game. Got there and realize that his friends were friends of.... Then, hooked up with an old university buddy...headed down Granville Street in search of a glass of wine. Headed back to his place to catch up some more. Fun times. Turns out we know a lot of the same people now, and after a few more "do you know...s", I found that I even know his hairdresser. WORLDS COLLIDE

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Family Fursday

Heading to my parent's place after work to help my mommy pack for her trip to HK. Headed out for dinner with them afterwards, L'artista makes the best pastas! And if you ask nicely, they will make it extra spicy. I think I need a massage. Came home and sat at the fireplace with a glass of wine. Slept early-ish.
Saw through my niece's FB page that she's connected to my brother-in-law. I searched in vain for my sister, but heard back from him (after he added me). Have to start watching what I say now.
Also found an old university buddy of mine, I remember the days he'd drive me home from school...turns out he knows some of the same people as me. WORLDS COLLIDE but this time, in a GOOOOOD way.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wet Wednesday

I am so glad that I am driving to work now. With the torrential downpour we've been getting in the past few days...I am seriously getting sice of living on the Wet Coast...thunderous winds, crazy downpour...I've had enough.
Got another new contact on my second cousin from Hong Kong...the power of this thing continues to astound me! Trying to see how long I can keep my theme of WORLDS COLLIDE going. Two more days and it will be a solid week!
Tonight's plans were made when the world was dry, so I still decided to head out for a drink...not really a friend, not really an acquaintance...more like a contact, with lots of other contacts.
Ended up having a great time...lots of people we know in the same people, dislike the same people...makes for a beautiful friendship. Nothing unites like a common enemy.:p
Two martinis...a glass of shiraz and a plate of dry ribs later...this girl was ready for bed...

Bumper Sticker

Take your ex out tonight (One bullet ought to do it).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Woke up feeling a little better than yesterday, I guess it's a good thing I had dinner last night!
Got to work with hardly any traffic, and had a pretty productive morning. After the madness of yesterday, today seemed almost boring!
Lunch was a nice hot bowl of Duck Noodle Soup from Camay Wok at the food court downstairs. It wasn't as good as I remembered it, but then again...I have been pretty spoiled by Chinese food all weekend long!
Headed home after a little bit of overtime and had a crazy long drive'd thing 604ers would be more accustomed to driving in the rain. And what's with people parking on the inside lane lately...*clapped* a little when I saw someone getting a ticket and another one getting towed. Somebody's has to teach those bozos a lesson!
Had a longish chat with a friend of mine, and at the end of the day...denial is not a river to some people, it's a way of life.
After last Tuesday's very interesting dinner with an ex-colleague from Cell City, I reconnected with another colleague from that era. She lives in HK now, and is the proud mom of a beautiful little girl. Can't believe the power of FB...not exactly a collision but enough of one to qualify for my WORLDS COLLIDE theme.
Decided not to turn the tv on (self-imposed ban), and was successful! But's it's almost 8 now...and my resolve is weakening...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, all day

Slept in and wanted to sleep in even more. But alas, morning Sales and Marketing call at 8:30 demanded that I be nice and early. Crazy busy preparing for a national presentation this week, but at least I got it all done. WHEW.
And as if I don't have enough on my plate...the United Way kickoff luncheon was today too. Sigh...volunteered? volun-told? It's the new girl's joy/job, I suppose!
Headed downstairs for a quick smoke break with my bff...and noticed someone staring longingly at her legs...then I realized...I recognized the someone...seriously...WORLDS COLLIDE for the fourth day in a row.
After a long day that ended promptly at 4, I hauled my tired butt home and just watched mindless tv...until it was time for my skype session with 416/905. Boogie was so cute...ears getting all perky at the sound of my voice and laughter. Warms my heart. Realized that we have to plan out Xmas and NYE...coordinating family and friends...
Watched about 1.5 episodes of Fringe and decided to call it a night.
Hopped onto FB and updated more of the 416/905ers on my return...planting the seeds of a SBD reunion at the local Moxies...hehe. As if you'd expect anything less.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spaghetti Sunday

Since I slept at 5, it's not surprise that I woke up around 1pm. Grabbed a quickie shower and headed to Copa to satisfy my Tongue craving - which started after the Lamb Tongue at Uva. Got leftovers for dinner!
Sat down by the door and heard the all-too-recognizable voice of an old friend. Considering I haven't seen him since the 90s, it's shocking that I recognized the voice...and that he recognized me too! For the third day in a row...WORLDS COLLIDE! The video here is his new venture. I truly wish him the best of luck...his stuff rocks!
And then...surprise of surprises...I added a friend from highschool days to my BBM...and we can talk for FREE! I *heart* my blackberry.

So, it's Sunday...

Ran into an friend from ages ago at Copa...he's involved with this...totally cool! Blast it!!

Hardihood's first annual fashion show. from HARDIHOOD CLOTHING CO. on Vimeo.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Showering Saturday

Regular brunch date with my mom this morning...good thing my stepdad came along too. We decided to go to Milestones...but I had nothing to eat...there was just nothing I wanted. They came over afterwards and we proceeded to fix my lights and other hardware issues.
Decided to call a friend and we headed down to Phnom Penh for lunch...that's why I couldn't eat at Milestones...too much Eggs Benny lately. A bowl of Beef Brisket (SPICY) and a half order of chicken wings later...satisfaction!
Went shopping with my friend for my housewarming gift...a humidifier. Found a sexy and sleek one at London Drugs, after a disappointing Costco visit. Ran into a co-worker at Brentwood Mall...and again...WORLDS COLLIDE!
Headed home for a much needed nap...triple header of hockey tonight...Canucks on at 7pm. Watched the first period at home, and then headed to Cactus Club for a Spiked Frap and some Dry Ribs...and to watch the Canucks win!
Alas, the evening didn't end on a high note despite the Canucks win...but I did manage to get to 5am...I've watched more TNG in the last few days than I have in a long time. What can I say...I'm a geek.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth

Made plans to hang out with a friend who's gf was off to Calgary. We somehow ended up back at Uva...and had Lamb Tongue and Ox Marrow....and some mussels and a bit of pasta...yum!
Headed down to Charm in Yaletown, but it was DEAD. Decided to walk back to the car...and saw an interesting group of Three Musketeers...I was thinking one friend was thinking another thing...and as we discussed the trio...WORLDS COLLIDE...and I will never be the same again. Never ever? Never about a black Friday...
Decided to head home and just sip some wine...being under the blanket just couldn't come fast was a cold night here in YVR..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Three to Five Inch Thursday

After months of agony, I have decided to chop my hair off at Suki's downtown. I took 5 inches off, but you can't really tell...I guess when your hair is two feet long...
Went with bff, who darkened her hair...she's gorgeous!
We went to Uva for a drink to visit a friend who is also leaving for a trip this Sunday...he's off to Chile for 12 days...lucky boy!
Ran into a newly engaged friends that I haven't seen since the summer. They are the cutest couple...sent over two glasses of vino for me and bff...alas, I repaid their kindness with shots of Van Gogh... :) - It's like dessert...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remembrance Wednesday

In Flanders Fields...I remember reciting this as a child in elementary school (SFX)...
Headed downtown to have lunch with a friend who isn't as lucky as me...meaning he actually had to work today. Cactus Club was the venue and instead of our usual "Two Rocket Salads and Two Diet Cokes", I had the short rib sandwich and he had the chicken tenders. He still had a Diet Coke, but I stuck it out with water.
After that, headed to another friend's place for a smoke...yes, that is now an "event".
Then off to Oakridge for coffee with a friend who's leaving on a Roman Holiday...and a Mediterranean Cruise this Sunday. Good times and good chats!
Dinner was interesting...organized a little outing with some work people to head to Earl's for a bevvy and some appies...and wouldn't you know it...we win shots. Since my bff doesn't drink...we had a drink to was a MaGical sure was.
Strangely more tired on a day off than I would be on a workday...sigh.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Three months in the Making Tuesday

Finally got to have dinner with one of my oldest friends (back in the Cell City days) at our favourite places tonight, Landmark Hot Pot! You know you love a place when you have their phone number locked and loaded into your head. 8722868...guess it helps when it's a traditionally honger number too! We shared prawns, beef, veggies, tofu balls and tofu skin. But the best part is the almost three-hour conversation that we had. It's like time didn't pass. Got her all caught up on my life and listened to the going-ons in her life. Considering we've been trying to get together since was a monumental success! And it was made all the more special since Wednesday is a holiday!!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Making it Monday

Mondays are bad, because of work, but good because of Skype. However, didn't Skype tonight...feeling like (and therefore looking like) death warmed over. Who needs to see that, am I right? Still got caught up though using the phone...nice and old-fashioned!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Symphonic Sunday

Woke up late for plans with a my friend to see the VSO. Dragged my tired body out of bed and headed straight downtown after a shower. Arrived about 15 minutes ahead of the show, and gulped down an americano from Uva...good coffee there! Shouldn't have been shocked, since they do make good cocktails. They know what they are doing with their liquids...that's for sure! Stayed home afterwards to continue to recover from my cold. Made a big pot of chicken noodle soup with some yam noodles...damn, now I'm out.

Shopping Saturday

Headed out for brunch with my mommy (yes, I picked her up since she refuses to drive downtown) at Yew. It was a fabulous time, without my stepdad, we caught up on what I've been doing the past few weeks. She's surprised, happy and shocked. Surprise that I've been out so much! Happy that work is going well for me. And shocked that I enjoy my independence! mother like daughter. She's been independent for as long as I've known her, my hero, my mentor, always.
Headed to Holt's and found out more about their Private Shopping Party on know where I'll be. Now, if I can find a sugar daddy to go with me, I'd be all set, haha.
Napped for a bit after I got home. Had to rest up for dinner and a movie...
Cactus Club's dry ribs and tuna tataki...It's the type of meal that allows you to save room for popcorn!
The Fourth Kind...sigh...3:33...if I ever wake up in the middle of the night (as I often do) and the clock shows that...creepy.
Looking forward to VSO tomorrow...

Friday, November 06, 2009

Frikking Finally Friday

Work is crazy busy...didn't even take a break until 2pm. But, at least I managed to finish all my deadline-related issues, whew, and scored 1,000 ILR points while I was at it!
Am attending birthday party at Nu, but having drinks first at Earl's. Bumped into an old friend from my previous work...what a lovely surprise!
Ended up having dinner at Blue Water with my pal, and had a Vesper there too. Yummy food and yummy drinks!
Headed home and just chilled. Whenever I think I am going to have a boring night, a surprise visitor drops by! Again, good talks and good times. Good thing it's Saturday tomorrow...brunch with MOMMY at Yew!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Coasting to Thursday

Suffering still from the night before, but so worth it. Good friends and good times are too far and few between.
Headed to Coast for a drink with a friend, and ended up devouring two yummy rolls too! Guess that's dinner for ya! Came home and decided to make it an early night. A girl's gotta have one of those once in a while. Alas, the best laid plans...ended up having a friend over and talked for an hour about life and other meaningless things, like Boobalicious acts.

Wing Wednesday

Headed to the nearby Earl's with bff and had some wings. Even managed to get her to help me finish a bottle of wine...and a few Van Gogh shots. Yummy but deadly on a school night. It was a good time...except for the aftermath.
Drove her home afterwards, got some gas, and slept a few hours before work the next day.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

This was a crazy cold morning. The berry said that it was only four degrees outside! Actually took out the MaxMara coat...
If I thought I was busy at work yesterday, boy, was I wrong. Just got assigned a whole host of new duties...on top of launching the United Way campaign.
But better to be too busy than useless. I had a late meeting with my boss and just didn't even noticed that I missed my break today!
Forgot my phone at home again today, just like last Tuesday. The freedom is worth it. Might make a habit of it now...random liberation days.
Came home starving again (yes, I'm blaming the time change still) but decided that homemade chili was too much effort.
My work bff bought me some Lipton cup of soups (the large size), so maybe I'll make that and add some yam noodles to it...
Or maybe I'll boil an egg.
Or maybe I'll fry up some spam.
Or maybe I'll make garlic bread.
Or maybe I'll toss the spring mix with some dressing.
The possibiities are endless.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday already??

Had a super busy day at work today, which helped to distract my body from the awful sleep it had the night before.
Was hungry at 11 this morning, I realized that my body also had to adjust with falling one hour behind.
Good thing I had the forethought to make myself a yummy sammy with lean capicollo, aged cheddar and some spring mix. Promised myself that I would only have half in the morning, but 5 mins of devouring later, more than two-thirds of the sammy was gone. I guess I was hungrier than I thought.
Had a fairly good night for the most part. Chatted with my 416/905 connection, and then also gave a command to Boogs that was actually obeyed. Loving the fact that I can command obedience halfway across the country...sadly, it doesn't quite carry over when I go to visit. Will put this sad fact to the test again over the Christmas holidays.
It'll be almost eight months since I've snuggled with them, and they still remember me! Dogs are truly remarkable.
I decided to put a self-imposed bad on my FB activities...too many weird things have been showing up...I just don't need that right now. Devoting myself to enjoy the moment, so friends be damned!
Tried to head to bed early to make up for last night, but alas, the best laid plans never pan out. Tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Helping a friend through a fairly difficult time. Figured words from "famous" people might mean more than "my" words.
Found two songs from Daughtry that offers hope. Hope it means something to someone.
The lyrics are so sad...and so true...better to have loved and lost, all that...

Another song from Daughtry...

Sunny Sunday

Another action-packed day. Heading out to Fraiche for brunch with my BFF and her baby boy. Sometimes, she says the wisest things. Her life should be my model.
Brunch was awesome, who knew two eggs, turkey sausage and toast could be SO filling!
Shopped on Robson for a bit afterwards and treated myself to a new pair of fuzzy slippers...just something to keep the feet warm until I breakdown and bring my bedroom blanket out.
But in order to do that, I'll need to get the new duvet first.
Went to Loden/Voya for drinks with my friend from Cibo. Going to restaurants with a foodie is totally different...we were treated to champagne, tuna sliders and BBQ ribs.
I feel wrong, but it was so decadent! Champagne in the afternoon is always a good thing. Also had a "Corpse Eater" made with rye and lemonade.
Came home after all that excitement and really feel like I needed a nap. But decided to stay up for a bit and call it an early night.
I can't wait to head into bed with The Lost Symbol...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloweed Saturday

No concrete plans for the day, but a friend is coming over tonight to just hang out and stay away from the madness of Halloween.
Never understand why girls think that Halloween is Hoochieween. It's like the invasion of Naughty Nuns, Slutty Schoolgirls and Nympho Nurses. Give me a break.
It's like the perfect excuse to dress down and dirty but not take responsibility.
I say, if you're going to do it one night a year, do it on a night of your own choosing, not a night when the whole world does it.
That's why, sometime this year (maybe on Xmas), I'll dress up as a dominatrix...:-)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Freaking Friday

Awesome, Fun, and my new motto!

Fun Friday

Got home from work and relaxed a bit before heading out to Earl's to meet up with co-workers to catch the PPV Canucks game. Called 416.905 to catch up a bit. Then picked up bff from the skytrain station since it was pouring rain.
Had a great time, some good sushi and dry ribs and a few glasses of vino. Finally starting to feel like a part of the crowd at work, the Burnaby crowd at least.
Got a last minute call from an old friend and we headed out to see Paranormal Activity...and a midnight showing at that! Don't remember the last time I saw a midnight show...come to think of it, don't remember the last time I watched a movie in a theatre. How pathetic. He got me a shooter glass from his trip to Regina...the Saskatchewan Roughriders...I know it's football, right?
Also got him to lend me a book The Lost Symbol, can't wait to get into it. Came home and had another glass or two of wine before hitting the sack.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

BBM - a curse and a blessing. Realized that technology is a double-edged sword.
Dinner tonight at the #1 restaurant in Canada as voted on by enRoute magazine - Cibo! On my way down to the restaurant, saw a strangely familiar car. Twas someone I haven't seen in over a week...but there they were. Good thing I wasn't spotted!
Dinner was amazing...started off with champagne and two amazing appetizers. Gnocchi with ox tail and Spaghetti and clams. Got some freebies...
the rabbit ravioli and a chicken liver pate...I love rabbits (as a pet, so I abstained), but devoured the pate. My main course was Ox Hearts on a bed of lentils, and my stepdad had the venison. My mom stayed true to her roots and had some roasted ling cod.
Dessert was Apple and Pear Fritters, but a little disappointing...and greasy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wine-be-gone Wednesday

Power Smart event with a candlelight dinner after work with bff. Headed to the Shangri-la for a drink after work, and the place eventually filled up! It was definitely the pre-U2 crowd in there. After a nice White Cosmo, we walked over to the Italian Kitchen and had a great dinner together in the dark.
Started with the mussels and carpaccio...then we shared a pasta platter. Only had one drink with dinner, feeling pretty good about myself. Came home with a new bottle of wine that I've been dying to try, and had to shed a tear when it crashed to the floor and broke open. Cleaned up everything and then resolved to have an early night myself. Well, it was more decided for me, but what the heck.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thrilling Tuesday

Went to work and realized halfway that I left my phone at home. Contemplated going home at lunch to get it, but then realized...i'm LIBERATED!
After work, I went to Joey's to hold a table of 18. Managed to drag another co-worker with me, because I really don't want to be the weird girl that holds a whole row of seats at the theater by placing one tiny article of clothing on each chair!
After dinner (where there was Super Stoked Vodkas, Supersonic Gin and Tonics as well as Freight Trains - which I introduced to my co-workers), we went on a Haunted Trolley Tour.
Had the chicken souvlaki wrap again, but not until I had a tuna taco as well as some gyozas.
Had a good time at the morgue but the cemetary was a little disappointing. Good thing bff was there to hold my hand! Drove her home's the least I can do!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Manic Monday

Slept in just a little bit...the new tires saved me!
Headed to T&T with BFF from work and got my BBQ Duck on Rice.
Borrowed a bus pass from a friend at work, and felt so liberated! If I had to drive there, I don't think I would have done it.
Had just a bit of it at the very quiet cafeteria at Tinseltown before heading back to work.
Had a long drive home after a long day at work. Got home and settled in time for a Skype chat with 416/905.
Doggies are so cute, Nicholas even posed long enough for a photo!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

I'd have to was a boring day. Slept in, read a few magazines and just chilled at home.
Perhaps knowing that I have a busy week coming up is making me want to coccoon...either that, or a lack of options...hehe.
Sleep is good.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Save-on Saturday

Stayed home and just got more bored. Headed to do groceries ahead of the game. Got some proscuitto, capicollo and trying some Black Forest Chicken.
Hope it's good! BFF from work came over for a chat and had another great conversation. Another friend also came over and we all talked into the wee hours of
the night. Even though I stayed home, it's like the party came to me! Gotta love it. I'm blessed.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Funny Friday

Don't go to the Bella Salon on Robson...they are exactly like this...

Not so Free Friday

Woke up nice and early today even though I was on a Personal Day at work. Went to the passport office, and after a 30-min wait, and $82 later, my application was submitted. Next on the errand list was the matter of getting new tires. My friend found me an awesome deal...four tires installed for just a hair under $500. And I scored a free lunch too, while my tires were getting done. Pretty good deal! :)
Came home after everything was done, and I have to say, the tires rock! Need nap now. Plan to stay home since it's pouring and windy outside. Have a nice bottle of wine and lots of TV to catch up on!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Went to the Steve Nash exhibition game after work today. Know it`s going to be a gong show, and sure enough, Steve was in his socks after halftime. Went to Hapa afterwards, and really, I don`t think I should have. Though it was nice to see the new side that they just finished renovating...but, [at the end of the day, it is what it is] long story short: Know when you call it a day, Gracie...

Top 12 things to never ask your man

So sad...wonder if men's mags have rules like this for us girls.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wow Wednesday

Today is that God said "let there be light"...well, even though it's Wednesday, it's still a good and BRIGHT day! My stepdad's friend and installing engineer genius came over today after work and lit up my place. The track lighting was done first, and it is SO much better.
The pendant light over the dining table looks so good, looks like metal, but it's actually glass! And the new floor SO sexy with it's nice curvy base. Oh, and I have to say, dimmers are a life saver. I had a dimmer installed in my bathroom, and now, I can take a bath without feeling like I am under interrogation by the FBI. I really feel like my place is finally complete!
I am so happy! Dinner followed was fun, filled with conversation, good food and good wine. I was told that I looked 26 great is that!?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

iTalian Kitchen Tuesday

The day started off great when my bff messaged and said that she was coming downtown to meet me for lunch! Since my boss and boss's boss are both out of town, it worked out perfectly! We went to Italian Kitchen, shared yummy Mushroom Bruschetta, Mussels and Spaghetti & Kobe Meatballs. It was delicious, filling and best of all, a great time catching up with a great friend. Her baby boy is so cute now, it's amazing how much babies growth, just over ten months and he's got little teeth!
Headed home with NO leftovers, for the first time in a long time. Decided to have another third of my Keg burger, and will probably have the other third Friday...if it's still good.
Went home today to dispose of all the boxes for the lights that are being installed tomorrow. Figured it would be safe since the recycling for the building is done every Wednesday. I went downstairs expecting a thoroughly empty bin, so was surprised to see a full container. You know your day is going to suck when you think it's Wednesday but it's only Tuesday. Oh well, I'm getting my lights installed tomorrow! Can't wait! Have to remember to pick up my mom tomorrow after work, to save on the travel time since my stepdad doesn't have to get her.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Manic Monday

It was a busy day, just as I expected. I did lots, got more lots to do...but it's a good thing. Had lunch with work bff at The Keg...ordered the cheddar and mushroom burger with a salad. I think I ate a third. Saved the rest for dinner, but I am really against eating the same thing two meals in a row.
Went back to work afterwards, and was caught texting...oooops. Guy who caught me was off in Vegas all last week, so I'm just not used to being "watched". Will make note to self.
So after my usual Monday 416/905 call, I decided to make chili! It's weird, I know, but I just had to make it. I think I might not eat it, but just the cooking soothes me. I like being soothed, even though I am alone.
After Dinner: I made the chili, ate a little bit with a panini bread roll. It was good, since I added some broth from boiled jalepenos. Talk about spicy!
Slept fairly early after watching The Big Bang Theory.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Spent the day at home and relaxed. Made some chicken gizzards for dinner, but barely ate. Slept early so that I can get a good start for the week, because it's going to be a busy one!
Home IS where the Heart is...wish I knew where home was.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hot Pot Saturday

Had brunch with my parents at White Spot today, after they delivered all my lights. It's going to be nice...about 1K worth of nice. I am looking forward to Wednesday, when the installer is booked to come.
Went downtown after brunch to go pick up my car... I was SO the point that I took two faresavers with case the car was gone. But it's here!!! Whew!
Went home and headed to Future Shop...because I needed to get a webcam/mic for my new Skype account. Yes, I know I'm a little behind the times. But ended up with the MS LifeCam's so cool. Also picked up the new Professeor Layton game. I love it!
Had dinner at Landmark, complete with prawns, beef and liver. Went to Charm afterwards for a few freight trains...and bumped into a old friend, and his wife, also an old friend. Too bad she doesn't feel the same.
Went home after a great night out, but felt strangely empty. It's pretty much the story of my life.
My one victory...I was called someone's BFF!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fan Friday

Here is my offering for this Friday...Taylor Swift!

and one more!

Foodie Friday

OS 4.7 is too smart for me. I now have 5 calendars syncing into my Tour!
(No, I don’t know when I will stop referring to my phone as a Tour – WITH the capital T).
Will head home after work to try to reset using desktop manager…
Oh well, got sidetracked and ended up having drinks at Joey's instead. Met a whole bunch of people from Raymond James, and they are all from Toronto. Weird talking about the restaurants there...gee, I do miss Canoe. And they were raving about Ki, not the food, but the "vibe".
Having dinner at Quattro tonight...first went there in the 90s and haven't been back since I moved to Toronto. It used to be one of my family's favourite restaurants for birthdays and anniversaries, but something about a shooting (while I was in Toronto) changed all that.
Let's see if their food is anywhere near where it used to be!
After dinner: The carpaccio is still great. The mussels were pretty good, though don't remember having them before. The two pasta dishes we ordered came platter style, perfect for us to share. Only complaint is the wine list...very narrow choices for such a well-known restaurant.
Had a friend over for a bit just to sip vino and lemonade. No TV - just my iPod. Was great to catch up and eat m&ms! Oh, and it's definitive...Big 2 is the New/Old Poker!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tour Thursday

No more Hourglass Party, all day, everyday! Spent an hour at the Connect store in Cathedral Place today, trying to upgrade my phone. Can someone explain to me why Telus would force me to change to a higher monthly plan, take away my web browsing, and not give me a discount on a phone? Thank goodness I used to work there, so I know the only way to get things done isn’t to talk ad nauseam to the CSR, but just ask to be put through to L&R. Sure enough, that’s what the in-store rep, an ex-colleague from my Cell City days did! Can’t say the process was painful, but it certainly was tedious. I heart my Tour!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wayback AND Wing Wednesday

Work is busy! I only have 3 days left to do 4 days of work! Short weeks rock but only if it's NOT during peak season.
Had dinner tonight at Earls (it is Wing Wednesday, afterall) with an OLD friend…not that he’s old, but it’s a friend from elementary school, good old St. Francis Xavier. I think we met back in Grade 4/5 but I don't remember seeing him anytime after Grade 7.

Getting caught of on the missing years in between makes for loads of good conversation, especially if you add a generous helping of lubrication...via a nice bottle of red.
I really think the friends you make when you’re younger are easy to reconnect with years later. After all, they knew you when you were a pudgy, nerdy and awkward 12 year old!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Toronto News on a Tuesday

It’s a long day alright…working reception since work bff is off on holidays today and tomorrow. It’s weird sitting up there, greeting people I rarely see.
Didn’t do much tonight, tried to get together with a friend for a drink, but he was off on the Island sampling wines and trying new restaurants.
Came home and chatted with 416/905 for a bit and heard all about amazing turkey dinners and bratty children. Afterwards, I made myself a dinner of spinach and bean sprouts! Very filling and soothing since I had it in a nice warm soup, well, Oxo broth…

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mundane Monday

Turkey day for some, but none for me! Didn’t really do much all day, but I guess that’s what a long weekend is supposed to be. The Dark Knight was on TV today, and for the first time, I actually sat through a whole movie without puttering. It was strangely captivating although a bit dark but I guess Heath Ledger is really as good as they say.
Slept early to prepare for the short week ahead. But it’s always been my experience that the anticipation of a short week always makes the week feel longer actually. But forewarned is forearmed.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Woke up this morning and watched a bit of the Presidents Cup, taking place in San Francisco. Mike Weir vs Justin Leonard and Y.E. Yang vs Tiger Woods. Gorgeous scenery. Not planning on doing much else today, really enjoying the solitude and peace. But will gladly give it up to go to the Canucks game tonight! First game of the year for me, better not be the last!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some blogging fun...

Playing on Blogger and found some cool clocks! Testing out this one for now, do you like it?

Scratch and Win Saturday

Went and got my duck craving taken care of at lunch. Went to Wonton Mein Saga (which is supposedly a chain based in HK, I didn't know that until I found them on DineHere.
Needed Diet Coke so found myself at my neighbourhood store and grabbed a Super Crossword, wish me luck! Still remember one of my friends saying that I should just give him $3 everyday, and once in a while, he'll give me a Toonie back...he had a valid point.
Oh and got an email from QP yesterday...we're going spahhh-ing soon! Yay, better use up my massage therapy dollars before the year is up!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Fan Friday

Every Friday, I'm going to try and post a video...and here is my first contribution. I'm a closet fan...

Friendly Friday

As part of my recommitment ceremony to myself, I've decided to befriend some of the girls I work with. I received an invitation for a shopping night and decided to share it with them. I sent it to 5 girls and all are a "go", except for one girl who is away on holidays. So next Thursday, it's going to be Friends going to the Fine Finds Shopping Event! Can't wait. Ahhh, new beginnings!
Oh, and my work bff made me lunch today. It was a sushi triangle with crab and tuna...seaweed on the side. It was super yummy and just what I needed! I wanted lunch but didn't really know what I wanted. But I didn't just take, I give too! I brought her a moon cake, a few days late, but she enjoyed it too!
After spending hours yesterday updating my Blackberry OS, during which time I also downloaded the new BBM 5.0, I surfed around today and found the ORIGINAL Blackblerry ring tones. Downloaded it and loaded it into my renovated phone. It's weird, whenever I hear those sounds now, I feel 10 years younger. Haha, the price of youth!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Th(S)ick Thursday

Fever got me, and not the Saturday Night Fever...sigh. Went to Pho to have as a soothing food and then headed home for a nap.
Dinner with the family at White Spot and sampled three of their seven yummy new burgers! Needless to say, neither my mom or me could finish our burgers, so we now have lunch for my stepdad tomorrow and dinner for my mom tomorrow night.
Went home and hosted a friend for coffee, smokes, cards (Big 2) and how you can talk to someone when the bloody tv isn't on. I really am bad, kept losing...If he hadn't bought the BIG bag of M&Ms over (and the cards), I would have been mad. :)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Winning Wednesday!

Worked the usual day today, but looking forward to Wing Wednesday @ Earl's! It's going to be awesome with the Canucks playing Montreal. Who knows when they were last here in the 604!
MTL: A. Kostitsyn (PPG, 03:08 - 2nd)
VAN: R. Kesler (13:50 - 1st) , M. Raymond (16:41 - 1st) , S. Bernier (PPG, 18:34 - 1st) , H. Sedin (PPG, 11:59 - 2nd) , H. Sedin (15:36 - 2nd) , M. Samuelsson (PPG, 11:39 - 3rd) , A. Burrows (11:58 - 3rd)
MTL: J. Halak , C. Price (L) VAN: R. Luongo (W)
After the game: OMG...I heart my Canucks! You guys rock, socre and are my Heroes tonight!
Raymond reminds me of Bure...still my all time fave...sorry Daniel!

Monday, October 05, 2009

K&H Tuesday

Had a busy day at work and a busy evening too! Went home after work and rested a bit before dinner. Took the skytrain downtown to Burrard and walked over to Kingyo for dinner. It seemed like a short walk until you realise Denman is FAR! At least it was downhill...but seriously, it was weird walking around downtown at night...
Makes me wonder what life would be like if I bought a condo downtown instead of where I ended up buying. But, I'm still sure it's better than trying to find parking, since it took my friend 10 minutes to find a spot! Dinner was amazing, with a sake called "You's Time"...not Your Jap!
Headed to Habit for a bevvy afterwards and it is SO nice after the renovations. And when you order a Manhattan, they bring you a box with all the ingredients and you make it yourself. So you can't blame the bartender if it's not the way you like it, but then...why would you tip him?

Made-it Monday

Sigh, when you are sick on the weekend, you really feel bad when it's Monday. I mean, another 5 days before a day sleep some more?! Oh well, at least next Monday is a long weekend, and I can have that extra day to compensate for a less-than-memorable weekend.
Work was good today, starting with the usual early Monday morning meeting. Looking forward to lunch though, going to see a friend that I haven't seen for over 10 years.
Although we keep in close touch due to the advent of BBMessenger, it will be nice to see him again. We went to Cactus Club and I ordered my favourite, Rocket Salad. He got the chicken tenders with yam fries, and man, if I wasn't sick, I'd have traded him my salad!
After Lunch: he said I looked the same as 10 years ago, with the same cut-eye, and everything. true about the eyes, but maybe the ponytail made my wrinkles less noticeable...just a thought. Was nice catching up...friends you make when you are young really do stay friends forever.
Went home today with my lunch leftovers and to the leftover chicken noodle soup from last night. No pasta for me tonight, maybe I'll add in some Yam noodles or Tofu sticks. Can't wait!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Shakey Sunday

So woke up feeling much more clear-headed than yesterday, but with the scariest shakes. Was holding a glass of water and practically spilled it just bringing it to my lips!
Bring on comfort food in the form of boney bbq duck. I really do abuse all things fowl when I'm in need of comfort. That was lunch though and by night-time, as tired as I was, I was craving soup! Instead of succumbing to the high-sodium Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup (oh believe me I was tempted), I decided to slice up an onion, a yellow pepper, six chinese mushrooms and a chicken leg and create my own comfort food? Well, must be the Swanson's chicken broth! Added some penne and it became my Asian Chicken Noodle Soup.
At least it isn't snowing here yet, like some parts of CowTown. My poor parents are in Calgary for a wedding...pretty sure they weren't counting on a dusting of snow!
Decided to get into bed by 9, but woke up hourly to nightsweats and cold spells.
Work is going to be fun tomorrow! Gotta love those 8am meetings!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sickly Saturday

Ugh...woke up with a big cough and headache. Decided to sleep, and ended up sleeping the WHOLE day.
Even a mid-day shower didn't help shake the shakes and cold spells. Back to bed. Decided to stay in and got caught up on some trashy tv, and then slept some more. I don't care if fall isn't here yet, flu season has certainly started.
However, the sickly feeling did not dispel my desire for MOON CAKE! So bad for you, no wonder they only serve it once a year!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Finally Friday

Sucks that we lost but glad that the season has started! Boss noticed that I was a little sniffly, so I left work just a bit early to get some rest. Headed over to Urban Fare thinking that I would get some sushi for dinner but every roll they had was a California Roll, with some sashimi on top. Didn't feel like picking out avocado from every piece. Maybe I will end up trying the sushi joint by my home instead. Well, either that or I will just have instant noodles. Just can't decide what I want yet.
Back to my trusted chicken wings, with yam noodles. It's my comfort food.
And then I've discovered vodka and crystal light...yum, ouch, yum yum.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hockey Season Starts tonight!

I cannot wait for the game tonight!
So excited that the Canucks will be on CBC tonight.
See the schedule here.
Oh, and some farm team called the Leafs are playing too. See their schedule here.
Oh hockey fans, it's been too long, hasn't it?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Work buddy Wednesday

Woke up this morning and ended up injuring my hand! I was trying to slide/flip my mattress and ended up with it crashing HARD down on my right hand. There is a company-sponsored social event tonight, and it's bowling at the Commodore and dinner. I guess some people will do anything out of putting on those funky bowling shoes. I showed the organizer and we decided that I would better serve the teams as the cheerleader! Had a lively debate over whether heat or ice should be applied over my bruise too. Decided to just ignore it and rub in a circular motion while wincing.
Dinner was at the Earl's's really nice. For our group of 7, we ordered the two appies I loved, one Salmon and Tuna Roll and Dry Ribs! We ended up with more wings too, because it's Wing Wednesday.
After dinner, I drove my work-bff home as well as the IT manager...have to be nice to Help Desk aka sometimes Not-so-Helpful Desk.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tuesday Already?

Long boring day at work, productive, but something's missing. I do like my job, but I wish I was more challenged. Oh, well, to make the day go by faster, I was looking forward to drinks with a friend @ Joey's...a nice Joie Rose...sounds much better with the proper accent...
Decided to head home to get caught up on all things 416/905...and at that time of night, would you believe I made it home from downtown in 11 minutes! But sure glad I did. Life is hard...and full of surprises...
Thinking I am going to make my soy sauce chicken, some wings, some hearts...with rice...Yeah, that will be good. Slept late tonight, hoping I can sleep through the night that way. We'll see!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday Blues

Had another portion of Shephard's Pie and CSI...hey, that RHYMES! And it's a good thing. I was having some blackberry wine I bought over the Labour Day weekend...and proceeded to spill it all and break the glass too. SIGH! I cannot wait for the day my lights are installed. It's pretty hard to clean red wine of black hardwood floors in the dark! That'll help you sober up quick!
I decided to take a Neo Citran and a NyTol...and slept from 11-3. Not exactly the peace I was looking for, but you take what you can get, right?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

TV Sunday

How much TV can a person watch? LOTS!! Saw Flash Forward today, and I 'heart' it! Reminds me of Lost but in a good way!! I enjoy my peace, but sometimes, I enjoy NOT being alone too. Maybe it's time to get a "woof woof"! :)


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