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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Swinging Saturday

Woke up late and with a sore ankle…didn’t get to meet up for brunch with the 416ers who were still on 416 time! Had a quickie bowl of pho and then met up with them at the hotel. Dinner wasn’t until later, so we decided to do something cultural in the afternoon. We decided to go to the Aquarium in Stanley Park. I can’t believe what a great time we had. We saw sharks, eels, snakes, cockroaches, bats, stick bugs…and the truly disgusting Pacific Hagfish. Hagfish scavenge the dead: they enter a fish’s mouth and anus to eat it from the inside out. They’re nature’s trash collectors. Damn…that’s nasty!
To give her sister and beau some privacy, Jules and I headed to Rosie’s for a quick drink and a small bite…and to catch the first period of the Canucks versus Oilers game. After 5 goals in the first period, all Jules could say was…WOW, this never happens in Toronto! That’s right sister! So with a successful first period over, we headed back to the hotel where the sisters got ready for dinner. The BF and I just drank Smirnoff Ice (yes, he FINALLY managed to get his hands on some)!We were well taken care of at Cibo - as usual. The pastas were good, and the wines were even better! Good thing we didn't eat too much because there is no way I would have agreed to go clubbing after a full meal.
So now, the party animals are interested in clubbing tonight! Well, I managed to swing a hookup and got us into Republic…on the guest list…Had another few drinks there…and danced on my twisted ankle!
To continue the trend of WORLDS COLLIDE, I ran into a good friend of an old friend outside the club and chatted – er, at least that’s what I was told…hic!!
Decided to call it a night, heading to Uva for a coffee before bed. Had a buddy come and meet up…and we just chilled for an hour or so and slowly made my way home…as my mind’s fog began clearing…

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