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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Another action-packed day. Heading out to Fraiche for brunch with my BFF and her baby boy. Sometimes, she says the wisest things. Her life should be my model.
Brunch was awesome, who knew two eggs, turkey sausage and toast could be SO filling!
Shopped on Robson for a bit afterwards and treated myself to a new pair of fuzzy slippers...just something to keep the feet warm until I breakdown and bring my bedroom blanket out.
But in order to do that, I'll need to get the new duvet first.
Went to Loden/Voya for drinks with my friend from Cibo. Going to restaurants with a foodie is totally different...we were treated to champagne, tuna sliders and BBQ ribs.
I feel wrong, but it was so decadent! Champagne in the afternoon is always a good thing. Also had a "Corpse Eater" made with rye and lemonade.
Came home after all that excitement and really feel like I needed a nap. But decided to stay up for a bit and call it an early night.
I can't wait to head into bed with The Lost Symbol...

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