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Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, all day

Slept in and wanted to sleep in even more. But alas, morning Sales and Marketing call at 8:30 demanded that I be nice and early. Crazy busy preparing for a national presentation this week, but at least I got it all done. WHEW.
And as if I don't have enough on my plate...the United Way kickoff luncheon was today too. Sigh...volunteered? volun-told? It's the new girl's joy/job, I suppose!
Headed downstairs for a quick smoke break with my bff...and noticed someone staring longingly at her legs...then I realized...I recognized the someone...seriously...WORLDS COLLIDE for the fourth day in a row.
After a long day that ended promptly at 4, I hauled my tired butt home and just watched mindless tv...until it was time for my skype session with 416/905. Boogie was so cute...ears getting all perky at the sound of my voice and laughter. Warms my heart. Realized that we have to plan out Xmas and NYE...coordinating family and friends...
Watched about 1.5 episodes of Fringe and decided to call it a night.
Hopped onto FB and updated more of the 416/905ers on my return...planting the seeds of a SBD reunion at the local Moxies...hehe. As if you'd expect anything less.

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