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Friday, October 16, 2009

Foodie Friday

OS 4.7 is too smart for me. I now have 5 calendars syncing into my Tour!
(No, I don’t know when I will stop referring to my phone as a Tour – WITH the capital T).
Will head home after work to try to reset using desktop manager…
Oh well, got sidetracked and ended up having drinks at Joey's instead. Met a whole bunch of people from Raymond James, and they are all from Toronto. Weird talking about the restaurants there...gee, I do miss Canoe. And they were raving about Ki, not the food, but the "vibe".
Having dinner at Quattro tonight...first went there in the 90s and haven't been back since I moved to Toronto. It used to be one of my family's favourite restaurants for birthdays and anniversaries, but something about a shooting (while I was in Toronto) changed all that.
Let's see if their food is anywhere near where it used to be!
After dinner: The carpaccio is still great. The mussels were pretty good, though don't remember having them before. The two pasta dishes we ordered came platter style, perfect for us to share. Only complaint is the wine list...very narrow choices for such a well-known restaurant.
Had a friend over for a bit just to sip vino and lemonade. No TV - just my iPod. Was great to catch up and eat m&ms! Oh, and it's definitive...Big 2 is the New/Old Poker!

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