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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wow Wednesday

Today is that God said "let there be light"...well, even though it's Wednesday, it's still a good and BRIGHT day! My stepdad's friend and installing engineer genius came over today after work and lit up my place. The track lighting was done first, and it is SO much better.
The pendant light over the dining table looks so good, looks like metal, but it's actually glass! And the new floor SO sexy with it's nice curvy base. Oh, and I have to say, dimmers are a life saver. I had a dimmer installed in my bathroom, and now, I can take a bath without feeling like I am under interrogation by the FBI. I really feel like my place is finally complete!
I am so happy! Dinner followed was fun, filled with conversation, good food and good wine. I was told that I looked 26 great is that!?

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