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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Winning Wednesday!

Worked the usual day today, but looking forward to Wing Wednesday @ Earl's! It's going to be awesome with the Canucks playing Montreal. Who knows when they were last here in the 604!
MTL: A. Kostitsyn (PPG, 03:08 - 2nd)
VAN: R. Kesler (13:50 - 1st) , M. Raymond (16:41 - 1st) , S. Bernier (PPG, 18:34 - 1st) , H. Sedin (PPG, 11:59 - 2nd) , H. Sedin (15:36 - 2nd) , M. Samuelsson (PPG, 11:39 - 3rd) , A. Burrows (11:58 - 3rd)
MTL: J. Halak , C. Price (L) VAN: R. Luongo (W)
After the game: OMG...I heart my Canucks! You guys rock, socre and are my Heroes tonight!
Raymond reminds me of Bure...still my all time fave...sorry Daniel!

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