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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

iTalian Kitchen Tuesday

The day started off great when my bff messaged and said that she was coming downtown to meet me for lunch! Since my boss and boss's boss are both out of town, it worked out perfectly! We went to Italian Kitchen, shared yummy Mushroom Bruschetta, Mussels and Spaghetti & Kobe Meatballs. It was delicious, filling and best of all, a great time catching up with a great friend. Her baby boy is so cute now, it's amazing how much babies growth, just over ten months and he's got little teeth!
Headed home with NO leftovers, for the first time in a long time. Decided to have another third of my Keg burger, and will probably have the other third Friday...if it's still good.
Went home today to dispose of all the boxes for the lights that are being installed tomorrow. Figured it would be safe since the recycling for the building is done every Wednesday. I went downstairs expecting a thoroughly empty bin, so was surprised to see a full container. You know your day is going to suck when you think it's Wednesday but it's only Tuesday. Oh well, I'm getting my lights installed tomorrow! Can't wait! Have to remember to pick up my mom tomorrow after work, to save on the travel time since my stepdad doesn't have to get her.

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