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Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun Friday

Got home from work and relaxed a bit before heading out to Earl's to meet up with co-workers to catch the PPV Canucks game. Called 416.905 to catch up a bit. Then picked up bff from the skytrain station since it was pouring rain.
Had a great time, some good sushi and dry ribs and a few glasses of vino. Finally starting to feel like a part of the crowd at work, the Burnaby crowd at least.
Got a last minute call from an old friend and we headed out to see Paranormal Activity...and a midnight showing at that! Don't remember the last time I saw a midnight show...come to think of it, don't remember the last time I watched a movie in a theatre. How pathetic. He got me a shooter glass from his trip to Regina...the Saskatchewan Roughriders...I know it's football, right?
Also got him to lend me a book The Lost Symbol, can't wait to get into it. Came home and had another glass or two of wine before hitting the sack.

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