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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Vital Supply Trial

Dinner made easy tonight! Thanks to @vitalsupplyco #vitalreset Chorizo and Kale stuffed Porchetta and the Short Robs with seasonal veggies. Oh, and the Stanley Park Bar is dessert!
I was invited to try Vital Supply Co as part of their Real Food Reset, which is a food delivery service designed to kickstart a healthier diet through eating clean and feeding your vitals. This Reset provides three meals and a snack for a full 20 days, with various options of entrees and snack as well. Other customizable plans include 10 days of Vital as a trial for new customers, as well as shorter term plans (5 days), such as Foundation, Evolution, Acceleration and Vital Life.

As per the website, "Vital meals are strategically crafted to deliver ample energy and taste. Our food refuels your body with the nutrition necessary to heighten performance and increase alertness."

The meals can be customized for your food preferences such as paleo, vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian options too. Meals include breakfasts, salads, mains as well as snacks. In addition to those choices, all food are prepared fresh, gluten and dairy free and sourced locally and organic when possible. As someone who is a bit OCD, I loved that the nutritional information is available on their website. 

The reheating instructions are super easy. If you are in a rush, you can just microwave it for 2 minutes or for a more home-cooked feel, you can put it in your oven for 10 minutes. I heated it up in the oven and the results were great. Being too lazy to do any dishwashing, I kept it in the original container and it was a no-mess cleanup! The container is    
Untitled One of the two entrees I decided on was the Short Ribs with Seasonal Vegetables. The beef didn't get overcooked and the yams were heated through. The au jus was delicious and the meat was quite moist! For my tastes, I took the short rib out after 8 minutes and let the sides keep going for another two. I was ridiculously full from this meal, and actually saved one piece of the short rib and half the yam for lunch the next day.
Untitled My other entree was their Chorizo and Kale Stuffed Porchetta. (Note: this seems to be off their menu for now, but I hope it returns). The sides were the same but the portion was just a bit smaller. The porchetta was nicely rendered and not too fatty. There was a mild hint of heat from the chorizo and the kale was barely noticeable. I finished this entree but I was stuffed. 
Untitled For a snack, I chose the Stanley Park Nutrition Bar, made with dates, raisins, oats, almonds, hemp hearts, dried coconut. coconut oil, chia seeds, cinnamon, all organic. The bar was a bit crumbly, but had a good mouthfeel and was quite satisfying.

If you are looking to eat a bit healthier and are just too busy to plan, shop and cook, this is a worthy option to try. They deliver to registered offices and other partners. You can also go and pick up the food at their Powell St. location. 

For more information, please visit the website at


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