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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tidying Tuesday

Headed home after work to help my mom put the finishing touches on her box and suitcase. We got everything measured and weighed. One box of stuff (all for my sister) was 43lbs, well under the 50lb limit for overseas travel. Her suitcase of clothing...only 23lbs, and half of that were probably my sister's additional stuff that didn't fit into the box!
After she felt a ltitle less stressed, we got ready and headed out for dinner at Milestone's with some of my stepdad's friends. So nice that they picked a place that I could walk to!
Although these people are strangers...they're not really that strange (corny, I know). They are nice, although a little bit older than the people I normally hang with! :)
Forced myself to have another early night, since I know I'll be making a night of it every night the rest of this week!! Got home, showered and hopped into bed.

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