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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pizza Tasting at Firecrust Pizzeria

A few months ago, I was a tagalong on a pizza tasting at Firecrust. Pizzas are made to order in a gas-burning oven. Yes, you read that right, gas, not fire. That's because of building regulations, a wood-fired oven was not possible. However, as you can see from the crusts, the fire burns hot in that oven.

We tried four pizzas (Margherita, Siciliana, Prosciutto Arugula and a Build Your Own), along with two salads (Chopped and Caprese), as well as their Italian Wedding Soup. 
Now the Margherita is a classic and if done right, the ingredients really speak for themselves. At just $8.95, this pizza was a great deal. It wasn't overloaded with toppings, but each bite showed off the San Marzan tomato sauce. I could have used a bit more basil or would have preferred it to be sprinkled on chiffonade style.
This Prosciutto Arugula pizza was probably my favourite. At $12.95, this pizza features both Romano and Fior Di Latte cheeses with a brush of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Garlic. It's then topped with Prosciutto and Arugula after baking. I liked how there weren't any heavy sauces to detract from the freshness of the ingredients. Give this a try next time you want a nice, light treat! 
To lighten things up, we also got two fo their salads. This one here is their Caprese, featuring mixed greens, tomatoes, basil and some Fior Di Latte.  The dressing of EVOO and Balsamic came on the side. It was really and a good refreshing bite. 
The next salad was a bit heartier and could probably be a meal by itself. It was their signature Chopped salad, with a base of romaine and grape tomatoes, but with some soppressata, cubed chicken and feta on top. The dressing was again on the side and was a simple balsamic vinaigrette.
Now back to another pizza, we got the Siciliana. Meats include Italian Sausage, Ham and Prosciutto, and Fior Di Latte, Romano, on a bed of simple San Marzano Tomato Sauce and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The is heavy and will definitely fill you up!
They also have an option of a Build Your Own pizza, which we thought was interesting. We chose a base of alfredo sauce and topped it with two kinds of cheese, Fior Di Latte and gorgonzola. For protein, we added some chopped chicken all topped with some grape tomatoes and mushrooms. Flavour additions included chilli flakes and fresh basil.
And for our very last taste, we tried their Italian Wedding Soup, with small meatballs, assorted veggies in a light chicken broth. It was nice and light and good for a chilly day.

All in all, I would say this is reminiscent of Subway, but in a Pizzeria-style. You can order from the standards or you can build you own, made to order. Prices are reasonable but you should be prepared to wait at peak times.

Disclaimer: This was an amazing meal, graciously hosted by Firecrust. All opinions are my own.

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