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Friday, November 27, 2009

416 meets 604

Friend of mine from TO came for a visit and we decided to head to Hapa for a drink and some sushi/izakaya things…had a great time! So glad my 416 friends and 604 pals can get along so well. We all learnt lots about the various kosher rules that one must follow.
During the course of the night, I hate to say it, but WORLDS STILL COLLIDING.
When I filled Jules in on the whole convoluted circle that is know as the tiny world of Vancouver, even HER jaw dropped. Things like this just doesn’t happen in TO.
Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle getting up from the table, and it took my very kind 604 friend to carry me to the car, princess-style.
I was unceremoniously dumped into his Gayman…but who’s complaining after a twisted and slightly swollen ankle.
Good thing the original plan of clubbing fell through, because I probably would've broken the damn ankle...

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