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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Lunch and dinner at Glowbal

Although I have been to the Glowbal bar many times for drinks, I've only recently started having meals there. This is a compilation of my most recent lunch and dinner over the past few weeks. 

I do love their bar, their bar stars as well as their amazing cocktails. Sigh, maybe I love them too much!

This is their Ahi Tuna Poke with bits of coconut, chunks of mango and avocado, with some cucumber and topped with black sesame and cilantro. The taro chips are amazing, light and crispy. It's a perfect way to have this dish. Great for sharing and a light way to start off lunch. 
I usually opt for a light lunch but since I forgot to eat the day before this, I decided to indulge and have a burger. Not just any burger, but the Glowbal Burger. The patty is topped with a portobello mushroom, some bacon (extra crispy by request) and cheddar. The usual mustard aioli, lettuce and tomato complete the burger, which is served with a brioche bun. After offering a third of it to my date, I tackled this baby as an open faced sandwich. Every bite was excellent, and I definitely inhaled the fries.
My friend chose a much healthier option, their Prawn & Quinoa Salad. I was surprised at how tasty this was. It was served with more prawns than I expected, and the blend of avocado, cucumber, gem tomatoes went well with the crunch of the almonds and the creamy goat cheese. Learn how to make this here
When I went for dinner again a few weeks later, we again got their Ahi Tuna Poke. It was as solid as the first time. Consistency is key! Behind the poke is the Smoked Sablefish Chowder, a creamy chowder with wild mushrooms and double smoked bacon, just a touch salty, but rich and satisfying.
When I went dinner, I opted for another heavy dish, their Short Rib Pappardelle. Chunks of short rib surrounded by mushrooms, spinach and pine nuts. The café au lait sauce was quite mild, and the pasta was done perfectly. I would definitely order this again.
This Bouillabaisse was amazing! Plenty of seafood, including sablefish and salmon, both with crispy skin. Add to that prawns, mussels, scallops and you've got a well-balanced dish. I really like the fact the fish pieces were large and not chopped up into little pieces. This was truly delicious. 
And because two rich entrees aren't enough, we also got their Short Rib Poutine...because fries with meat is a match made in heaven. We enjoyed this because it covers all the bases for a poutine, but I didn't like the large sections of the raw green onions. Personal preference and easy to pick out. It was also a bit on the salty side. The fries were kept warm during the meal with the cast iron pan. It's a good appetizer and side dish. 
To finish off one of my meals, we were treated to an amazing Dessert Assortment. There were macarons, gelees, chocolate nibbles and fresh fruit. What a decadent ending to a great meal. 

I'll be back and I will definitely eat as well as enjoying their drinks at their bar! 
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