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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

This was a crazy cold morning. The berry said that it was only four degrees outside! Actually took out the MaxMara coat...
If I thought I was busy at work yesterday, boy, was I wrong. Just got assigned a whole host of new duties...on top of launching the United Way campaign.
But better to be too busy than useless. I had a late meeting with my boss and just didn't even noticed that I missed my break today!
Forgot my phone at home again today, just like last Tuesday. The freedom is worth it. Might make a habit of it now...random liberation days.
Came home starving again (yes, I'm blaming the time change still) but decided that homemade chili was too much effort.
My work bff bought me some Lipton cup of soups (the large size), so maybe I'll make that and add some yam noodles to it...
Or maybe I'll boil an egg.
Or maybe I'll fry up some spam.
Or maybe I'll make garlic bread.
Or maybe I'll toss the spring mix with some dressing.
The possibiities are endless.

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