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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Family Favourites from Fortune City

As most of my readers know, my mother is not a good cook. So whenever we go for dinner, it is definitely "out". If we ever have dinner "at home", it involves me taking food over. So this past week, we decided to head out for dinner and we opted for Peking Duck...and more...
Fortune CityTake a look at the various condiments and see if you can guess what other traditional dish we had.
Fortune City Nothing beats Peking Duck to indicate "Dinnertime"! I'll hold back out of courtesy, but trust me, I've got my eye on some crispy pieces. The skin had lots more meat on them than I'm used to, but it was also less fatty than some other places. 
Fortune City And of course, we have to get the Lettuce Wrap with the rest of the duck meat. This was good, but the crisps actually got soggy really fast. The dish was rather one note, but add your sauces and just enjoy the ride. 
Fortune City We also got the Assorted StirFry with veggies...loaded with scallops, pork and chicken, this had something for everyone. The flavours were fairly mild, but actually just needed a sprinkling of white pepper to make the dish pop. The pork was a little dry but the variety of the meats and seafood easily made up for it.  Fortune City For my mom, who loves lamb, we decided to get the Lamb Hot Pot. This was delicious. I'm not a fan on the "fu yu" that accompanies it, but to honest, the dish doesn't need it. The bean curd skin soaks up the sauces, and the lamb itself is super tender. I especially love the bony pieces. This is a rare treat and I'm so glad we got it. 
Fortune City Seafood Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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