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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Family Fursday

Heading to my parent's place after work to help my mommy pack for her trip to HK. Headed out for dinner with them afterwards, L'artista makes the best pastas! And if you ask nicely, they will make it extra spicy. I think I need a massage. Came home and sat at the fireplace with a glass of wine. Slept early-ish.
Saw through my niece's FB page that she's connected to my brother-in-law. I searched in vain for my sister, but heard back from him (after he added me). Have to start watching what I say now.
Also found an old university buddy of mine, I remember the days he'd drive me home from school...turns out he knows some of the same people as me. WORLDS COLLIDE but this time, in a GOOOOOD way.

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