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Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Happy Hour at Fanny Bay

We went to Fanny Bay a few weeks ago for their Happy Hour. When I went to check out their website for this post, I was delighted to learn that for December 1- 31, they will have Happy Hour from Noon to 6pm daily! 
Fanny Bay Oyster Shooter

We started off with their signature Fanny Bay Shooter ($7), featuring whisky and caesar mix topped with a fresh oyster. This was a delicious and the jury is still out on whether you slurp the oyster first or drink the shot first and have the oyster as a chaser. Which way would you go? 
Happy Hour Oysters $1.50/ea
Of course we had to get their Happy Hour Oysters ($1.50/ea). Served with a classic mignonette and plenty of horseradish and lemon wedges. Fresh and cleanly shucked, this was well executed. And yes, someone ate one before the pic was taken...they didn't short change us. 😉

Seafood Tacos $12/trio
Our next bite was their Seafood Tacos ($12/trio). I can't remember what type of fish we had that day, I think it was snapper? The corn salsa, pickled onions and chipotle aioli complemented the lightly battered fish nicely. 
Sablefish Collar $14 during HH

Next up? The Sablefish Collars ($14 at Happy Hour, $17 regular). There are a few dots of wasabi mayo as well as some cilantro and chili sauce too. It's hard to see but there is also a drizzle of soy reduction. This was surprisingly good, lightly coated and deep fried to a golden crispiness! If you haven't tried this dish (also available in some Japanese restaurants), you should! 
Kusshi Oyster

So we were pretty full by now, but we were really craving a few more oysters. We decided to finish off our happy hour wine with six Kusshis, our favourite.
With an extended Happy Hour, this month is a perfect time to visit!

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