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Friday, October 09, 2009

Friendly Friday

As part of my recommitment ceremony to myself, I've decided to befriend some of the girls I work with. I received an invitation for a shopping night and decided to share it with them. I sent it to 5 girls and all are a "go", except for one girl who is away on holidays. So next Thursday, it's going to be Friends going to the Fine Finds Shopping Event! Can't wait. Ahhh, new beginnings!
Oh, and my work bff made me lunch today. It was a sushi triangle with crab and tuna...seaweed on the side. It was super yummy and just what I needed! I wanted lunch but didn't really know what I wanted. But I didn't just take, I give too! I brought her a moon cake, a few days late, but she enjoyed it too!
After spending hours yesterday updating my Blackberry OS, during which time I also downloaded the new BBM 5.0, I surfed around today and found the ORIGINAL Blackblerry ring tones. Downloaded it and loaded it into my renovated phone. It's weird, whenever I hear those sounds now, I feel 10 years younger. Haha, the price of youth!

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