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Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally Friday

Heading out for drinks with a co-worker because it's her last day at work. We headed down to the Gallery Lounge at the Hyatt. After that, I headed over to Shore Club for drinks with another ex-coworker. Had a great time meeting new people. After the puck dropped, we headed over to the Keg Yaletown and had a quick dinner. Some yummy French Onion Soup, Tuna Tataki and a Slider later...I was full and ready for another night of partying.
Headed over to Soho Billiards to meet a friend that were playing a round of pool before a poker game. Got there and realize that his friends were friends of.... Then, hooked up with an old university buddy...headed down Granville Street in search of a glass of wine. Headed back to his place to catch up some more. Fun times. Turns out we know a lot of the same people now, and after a few more "do you know...s", I found that I even know his hairdresser. WORLDS COLLIDE

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