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Friday, November 13, 2009

Showering Saturday

Regular brunch date with my mom this morning...good thing my stepdad came along too. We decided to go to Milestones...but I had nothing to eat...there was just nothing I wanted. They came over afterwards and we proceeded to fix my lights and other hardware issues.
Decided to call a friend and we headed down to Phnom Penh for lunch...that's why I couldn't eat at Milestones...too much Eggs Benny lately. A bowl of Beef Brisket (SPICY) and a half order of chicken wings later...satisfaction!
Went shopping with my friend for my housewarming gift...a humidifier. Found a sexy and sleek one at London Drugs, after a disappointing Costco visit. Ran into a co-worker at Brentwood Mall...and again...WORLDS COLLIDE!
Headed home for a much needed nap...triple header of hockey tonight...Canucks on at 7pm. Watched the first period at home, and then headed to Cactus Club for a Spiked Frap and some Dry Ribs...and to watch the Canucks win!
Alas, the evening didn't end on a high note despite the Canucks win...but I did manage to get to 5am...I've watched more TNG in the last few days than I have in a long time. What can I say...I'm a geek.

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