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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spaghetti Sunday

Since I slept at 5, it's not surprise that I woke up around 1pm. Grabbed a quickie shower and headed to Copa to satisfy my Tongue craving - which started after the Lamb Tongue at Uva. Got leftovers for dinner!
Sat down by the door and heard the all-too-recognizable voice of an old friend. Considering I haven't seen him since the 90s, it's shocking that I recognized the voice...and that he recognized me too! For the third day in a row...WORLDS COLLIDE! The video here is his new venture. I truly wish him the best of luck...his stuff rocks!
And then...surprise of surprises...I added a friend from highschool days to my BBM...and we can talk for FREE! I *heart* my blackberry.

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