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Monday, October 05, 2009

K&H Tuesday

Had a busy day at work and a busy evening too! Went home after work and rested a bit before dinner. Took the skytrain downtown to Burrard and walked over to Kingyo for dinner. It seemed like a short walk until you realise Denman is FAR! At least it was downhill...but seriously, it was weird walking around downtown at night...
Makes me wonder what life would be like if I bought a condo downtown instead of where I ended up buying. But, I'm still sure it's better than trying to find parking, since it took my friend 10 minutes to find a spot! Dinner was amazing, with a sake called "You's Time"...not Your Jap!
Headed to Habit for a bevvy afterwards and it is SO nice after the renovations. And when you order a Manhattan, they bring you a box with all the ingredients and you make it yourself. So you can't blame the bartender if it's not the way you like it, but then...why would you tip him?

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