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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wet Wednesday

I am so glad that I am driving to work now. With the torrential downpour we've been getting in the past few days...I am seriously getting sice of living on the Wet Coast...thunderous winds, crazy downpour...I've had enough.
Got another new contact on my second cousin from Hong Kong...the power of this thing continues to astound me! Trying to see how long I can keep my theme of WORLDS COLLIDE going. Two more days and it will be a solid week!
Tonight's plans were made when the world was dry, so I still decided to head out for a drink...not really a friend, not really an acquaintance...more like a contact, with lots of other contacts.
Ended up having a great time...lots of people we know in the same people, dislike the same people...makes for a beautiful friendship. Nothing unites like a common enemy.:p
Two martinis...a glass of shiraz and a plate of dry ribs later...this girl was ready for bed...

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