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Monday, October 05, 2009

Made-it Monday

Sigh, when you are sick on the weekend, you really feel bad when it's Monday. I mean, another 5 days before a day sleep some more?! Oh well, at least next Monday is a long weekend, and I can have that extra day to compensate for a less-than-memorable weekend.
Work was good today, starting with the usual early Monday morning meeting. Looking forward to lunch though, going to see a friend that I haven't seen for over 10 years.
Although we keep in close touch due to the advent of BBMessenger, it will be nice to see him again. We went to Cactus Club and I ordered my favourite, Rocket Salad. He got the chicken tenders with yam fries, and man, if I wasn't sick, I'd have traded him my salad!
After Lunch: he said I looked the same as 10 years ago, with the same cut-eye, and everything. true about the eyes, but maybe the ponytail made my wrinkles less noticeable...just a thought. Was nice catching up...friends you make when you are young really do stay friends forever.
Went home today with my lunch leftovers and to the leftover chicken noodle soup from last night. No pasta for me tonight, maybe I'll add in some Yam noodles or Tofu sticks. Can't wait!

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