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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remembrance Wednesday

In Flanders Fields...I remember reciting this as a child in elementary school (SFX)...
Headed downtown to have lunch with a friend who isn't as lucky as me...meaning he actually had to work today. Cactus Club was the venue and instead of our usual "Two Rocket Salads and Two Diet Cokes", I had the short rib sandwich and he had the chicken tenders. He still had a Diet Coke, but I stuck it out with water.
After that, headed to another friend's place for a smoke...yes, that is now an "event".
Then off to Oakridge for coffee with a friend who's leaving on a Roman Holiday...and a Mediterranean Cruise this Sunday. Good times and good chats!
Dinner was interesting...organized a little outing with some work people to head to Earl's for a bevvy and some appies...and wouldn't you know it...we win shots. Since my bff doesn't drink...we had a drink to was a MaGical sure was.
Strangely more tired on a day off than I would be on a workday...sigh.

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