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Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday already??

Had a super busy day at work today, which helped to distract my body from the awful sleep it had the night before.
Was hungry at 11 this morning, I realized that my body also had to adjust with falling one hour behind.
Good thing I had the forethought to make myself a yummy sammy with lean capicollo, aged cheddar and some spring mix. Promised myself that I would only have half in the morning, but 5 mins of devouring later, more than two-thirds of the sammy was gone. I guess I was hungrier than I thought.
Had a fairly good night for the most part. Chatted with my 416/905 connection, and then also gave a command to Boogs that was actually obeyed. Loving the fact that I can command obedience halfway across the country...sadly, it doesn't quite carry over when I go to visit. Will put this sad fact to the test again over the Christmas holidays.
It'll be almost eight months since I've snuggled with them, and they still remember me! Dogs are truly remarkable.
I decided to put a self-imposed bad on my FB activities...too many weird things have been showing up...I just don't need that right now. Devoting myself to enjoy the moment, so friends be damned!
Tried to head to bed early to make up for last night, but alas, the best laid plans never pan out. Tomorrow is another day.

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