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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Work buddy Wednesday

Woke up this morning and ended up injuring my hand! I was trying to slide/flip my mattress and ended up with it crashing HARD down on my right hand. There is a company-sponsored social event tonight, and it's bowling at the Commodore and dinner. I guess some people will do anything out of putting on those funky bowling shoes. I showed the organizer and we decided that I would better serve the teams as the cheerleader! Had a lively debate over whether heat or ice should be applied over my bruise too. Decided to just ignore it and rub in a circular motion while wincing.
Dinner was at the Earl's's really nice. For our group of 7, we ordered the two appies I loved, one Salmon and Tuna Roll and Dry Ribs! We ended up with more wings too, because it's Wing Wednesday.
After dinner, I drove my work-bff home as well as the IT manager...have to be nice to Help Desk aka sometimes Not-so-Helpful Desk.

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