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Friday, April 23, 2010

PreGame at Chill Winston

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What to do before the Canucks game? Head to Chill Winston for an appy or two, washed down with a martini or two. Got to CW around 4:30 after work and munched on some Turkey Wings.
I’ve always loved CW for these…sometimes, the tiny wingettes and drumettes you get at Cactus Club just aren’t sastifying enough. So although there were only 3 on the plate, it was good. Not sure what the dipping sauce is, the flavour is reminiscent of hoi sin sauce, but REALLY watered down. Very crispy skins and meaty interior. Perfect for a light lunch. Just enough “eating by hand” to make you feel like you had a meal, but not so much that you feel piggish.
Which is probably why we ended ordering another appetizer, their Venison Carpaccio. I love gamey meats and was hoping to get some of that flavour today. Unfortunately, it tasted bland. With such a pretty presentation, I really expected more. The parmesan had way more flavour than the meat, which is shocking considering it was venison.The service was excellent even though we were there during their lunch/dinner shift change. The food is good, but the best part about CW is that it is lowkey in the afternoon. I’ve been there at night during the meat market melee, but for an early dinner or an late lunch, or a pregame nosh, it’s a sure bet. And a big relief from the usual Yaletown madness.

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