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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Salads and Sliders at Cactus Club Cafe

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Had another unexpected lunch out today during work, this time at the Cactus Club Cafe located in Bentall 5. Last week’s surprise at Joey’s was delightful (review here), but I can’t bring myself to go there so often. Instead we headed over to Cactus, at noon. There was a short lineup, but we decided to sit at the bar and only waited about 10 mins. Although it was weird to sit at the bar and not drink, both of us had to head back to the office, so no liquid lunch today.
Deciding to be a bit healthy after the recent DineOut extravaganzas at the Granville Island Keg (review here) and Zakkushi (review here), we ordered the Spinach Salad. Okay, the fact that we saw it paraded past us with generous servings of prosciutto had persuaded us too. But we can’t be too healthy here, so we compensated for it by getting the Mini Burgers.
The salad was flanked by prosciutto at each end, loaded with spinach, sprinkled with goat cheese and candied pecans, with chunks of pickled beets on the bottom. Since we were sharing, I divided up the salad, and then remembered to take a photo. Well, then I was reminded to take a photo. This is maybe one-third of the salad here, so there is lots to go around.
Saw some people around us having actual burgers so, when our Minis arrived, I did experience a moment of burger-envy. Happy to report that bigger is not necessarily better in this case. The burgers we peeked at looked a little bare, lacking adornment and sauciness. Our little minis had a nice soft bun, some mustard/mayo blend, and bacon as well as melted cheese. It was a pretty good burger, definitely not the typical more bun than patty deal. I found myself eating it clockwise, instead of top to bottom. Does that make sense? Just picture this, my final bite was the middle of the burger, not an edge.
All washed down with good old Vancouver tap water…no complaints here. Satiated and sashayed back to the office, all in under 75 minutes.

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