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Friday, April 09, 2010

Fined on Friday (but not me!)

Busy weekend ahead, so stayed in today to rest up. Instead of heading out for drinks, I had a friend over to have a few and to watch a movie. Considering we hadn’t chatted for a while, it was irrelevant what the movie was. If it was a pure movie night, I think I would have sat him down for my Austin Powers Trilogy…
Now, the reputation that my building has for towing is mixed. The second time I went to view the place with my parents, we got almost got towed. Remember?
However, friends have come over recently and parked in the 30-minute zone with no reprimand…sometimes for an hour or two! So it wasn’t entirely my friend’s fault to have parked there around 9. But when he left at 1ish, his car was gone. Headed to Mundies Towing on Kingsway. We were guessing what the price of the tow would be, and he was guessing $80. Turns out…$122. Now all this could have been avoided had he parked in the gated parking lot with a parking pass…hmmm…yes, parking pass. Then he could have parked for 48 hours without being towed. Oh well, now we know!

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