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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Thursday that's like a Friday

Worked a full day knowing that it was going to be a four-day weekend. It’s April so it’s time for my new flower of the month! Went out for dinner to CopperTank Grill on Main Street for dinner and to catch the Canucks game. Well, let’s just say dinner was great and the game was not. 8-3 to the LA Kings. Sigh. Had the regular nachos with extra jalapenos and also the Ahi Tuna sliders. I love it when places have those. The last place I had those was at Voya, and they were awesome. The ones at CopperTank weren’t as good, but boy, their wasabi was off the hook! Definitely gave a (much-needed) kick to the slightly overdone tuna “patty” themselves. Home after the horrific game to drown my sorrows with a Coke Zero…and maybe just a little dessert.

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