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Friday, April 09, 2010

Twitter versus ├╝berTwitter

So, Twitter finally launched their app for Blackberry last night. I downloaded it this morning from Blackberry App World to test it out. Here is my rambling brain trying to make my choice between Twitter and ├╝berTwitter, using the old “Pros and Cons” debate.
Pros: The display is really good, with loads of useful icons at the top. You get your usual Home icon, along with the @ and Direct Message icons. You also have access to your Profile here, as well as your Lists. Icons are also available to help you easily Find people as well as to do a Search, and to view Popular Topics.
Ever since I upgraded my ├╝berTwitter a few weeks ago, I’ve been noticing “adtweets”…they look like tweets but are actually text ads, and that’s in addition to the image-based ads they usually run. These seem to be fairly sparodic though. This is noticeably (and gratefully) missing from the Twitter app.
One other thing I like is the ability to see your DMs as part of your overall message timeline. It’s something ├╝berTwitter doesn’t offer, so I didn’t miss it, until Twitter gave it to me.
Cons: I’ve read comments on other forums where users complain about not being able to retweet or to edit their retweets. This is a major disappointment of the Twitter app, because one of the things people use this program for is to pass along useful information, often throwing in their own two cents. I know I’ve become quite skilled at editing other people’s tweets…to accommodate the 140 limit.
Twitlonger is something that is part of ├╝berTwitter, and though I have yet to try it, the forums are full of people saying that Twitter doesn’t’ support this on the app.
Another feature that I liked about ├╝berTwitter is the ├╝ber bar, where you can put your dearest and funniest tweeters on their own tab, and see all their tweets all at once, with minimal scrolling. ├╝berTwitter does have a list function in their menu (it’s just not all pretty and iconic as it is on Twitter).
The verdict is still out for me, so I’m using both this weekend to see if I fall in tweet-love with the new (and slightly sleeker) app or will I kick old trusty (but a bit more comfy) ├╝berTwitter to the curb.
Try it for yourself, download it here.
This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of pros and cons (just the ones that I've noticed. Feel free to add comments and let me know if I'e overlooked something giganormous about either app.

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