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Thursday, April 22, 2010

It worked!

So yesterday, as mentioned in my post, the method to my madness required me to do "the opposite". I ended up watching the Montreal/Capitals debacle, and completely missed the Canucks game. Instead, I closed my balcony door (to block out the cheers and jeers of my neighbours), looked through my PVR for shows that had nothing to do with hockey, and just vegged out in front of the TV. I sat through two episodes of TNG as well as two episodes of The Best Thing I Ever Ate.
About halfway through the game, I started getting texts from friends commenting on the game. I promptly replied that I wasn't watching and was living with a self-imposed blackout. Even for phone calls, I had to interrupt when asked, isn't this a better time to call? I guess it was intermission, right? But anyways, after the initial explanation of why I wasn't watching the game sunk in, we never mentioned it. After all, if we had lost, I would really dread the game on Friday.
It's a good thing that I didn't watch the game though. Despite it be a really GOOD game (as I read in the 3-page recap in The Vancouver Sun - more on that later), I found myself having one of the best conversations I recall in a long time. Sometimes, I find it easier to get into deeper conversations without talking face to face. Some things are just a little too awkward, well, at least for me.
So, tucked myself into bed around midnight, and drifted off to an uneventful sleep…without any alarms going off in the middle of the night, accidental or otherwise. Woke up at my usual time and jumped out of bed and bounded towards the gym – full of energy.
Reminded myself not to turn the TVs on for the treadmill, not to check Hootsuite, Ubertwitter, and even emails, since The Province has been known to “breaking news” Canucks score.
Succeeded in getting ready for work without getting even a whiff of the outcome. Walked into my elevator to see my newspaper man/boy…I told him (and the other dude), “I don’t want to know the score”. Paperman decides to blurt out “We won”. Other dude was righteously annoyed for yours truly, and said, “Ugh, she told you she didn’t want to KNOW!”. I guess he figured he didn’t really tell me the score…but the paper he handed me had the Swede Win headline with the 6-4 socre on top! I guess I couldn’t really be mad at him…it was good news!

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