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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shanghai Village Saturday

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Game 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs between Canucks and Kings. Before heading over to a friend’s place to watch the game, sustenance was required. We headed up to Shanghai Village for dinner and was pleasantly surprised by the food. I’d never been here before, so I made my friend do the ordering. I occupied my time playing with his son…I’m trying to get him better at “matching” and he’s already pretty good.
We ordered an appetizer of Century egg with Duck egg. Neither of us had any idea of what it would actually be like, but it seemed interesting and when you like both items, combining them can only be a good thing. The egg dish was amazing…century egg hardboiled “in the shell” with the Duck egg. It actually made the century egg a little “jello” like. We knew we ordered right thing when we heard the table next to us ask…”what is that?” In the search of yummy food, you feel like a great explorer when you’ve discovered a dish that other people find interesting.
My contribution to the ordering was the Beef with Crepes. I love playing with my food, and I try to do it whenever I get a chance. It was really good...served with a bit of finely slice cucumber and green onions, there was a LOT of beef for the 8 crepes that accompanied the dish. Between the boy who hates veggies and the bigger boy who hates green onions, I had a lot of filler to use to make my crepes.
We also ordered the Veggie and Pork with New Year Cake…otherwise known as the world’s most ergonomically correct noodle, right, engineers?? It's the only noodle that you can eat one at a time. I tried the new year cake without any condiments first, and it was a little bland. After getting the traditional hot sauce to go with it though…well, now we’re talking. It was soothing and my idea of comfort food.

A welcome surprise was the Little Dragon Buns (Siu Loong Bau) gratis. There were it wrong that I'm wondering how I can score 4 without the boys noticing? Hmm...wish me luck...Everything was super yummy. It was the last thing that landed at our table, steaming hot. I’m always a sucker for dumplings, and these did not disappoint. Although the first one I tried to pick up broke and the soup within leaked out, the second one I tried was amazing. The soup was tasty and the skin wasn’t too doughy.
Headed home after to watch the game, where we were leading 2-0. I made the mistake of stepping out for a ciggie only to return to a 2-2 game. Alas, the Canucks never made up the difference, giving up an OT goal to let the Kings tie the series at 1-1.
Only consolation…a gigantic pocky stick, French Rabbit vino and dessert…


  1. Hi Grace:

    We went to this restaurant yesterday. It was awesome. We also had that egg appy you had. We still could not fully figure out how they made it. The only error in ordering was the live eel -- $40, ouch!! Otherwise everything is perfect-o.

    Good review on your part, BTW.


  2. Thanks for your comment. It's always dangerous ordering live seafood at Chinese restaurants, isn't it.
    Glad you ordered the appy we had...and glad you like the restaurant!

  3. I wonder how they got those 2 eggs like that. . .hmmm. . .

  4. Hi Xmasbb...

    My son & I visited this Shanghai Village for lunch today and I gotta say, we had a very good meal, based on some of the foods you tried & reviewed.

    We tried out the century/ salted egg thingy & it was def very unique & very very good. My son gobbled down 3 before I could even get 1 in my mouth.

    We also tried the tan tan noodles (peanutty), potstickers (nicely pan fried with a bit of crustiness/ crunch), those little dragon dumplings (oh so soupy) and this other noodle dish...a fried fish noodle w/ enoki mushrooms (the noodles are made of fish...interesting, but a bit on the bland side. Hot sauce helped).

    What a great restaurant & we will return for sure...thanx for such a good recommendation & your photos sure helped in my selection of foods too!

    I'll be following your food blog so much more from now on...I totally trust your taste in food!


    (btw...great profile photo of you!)

  5. Fried fish noodle...okay...that's weird...putting it onto my "to-eat" list.



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