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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Eating Away my Thursday

Unfortunately, last night’s food elation was followed by insomnia at body's payback for my earlier indulgences, I suppose. Got out of bed and decided to catch up on my TNG fetish...killed two episodes and headed to the gym.

Probably a good idea to have an extended workout anyways…I just got back from lunch with BFF today at Jean George’s Market at the Shangri-La, and then having dinner with other BFF at Landmark Hot Pot. Shall I be a foodie and take photos while I’m there? At least, with hot pot, the food won’t get cold while I’m taking pictures. Okay, I limited it to just a few shots…won’t want her to be annoyed at me. 

The picture above shows real sugar how they look so rugged. Don't love how they are so unprotected...really could have used a lid. And below was my sweet and happy ending - Chocolate Pudding with Softly Whipped Cream and Crystallized Violets. Alas, the softly whipped cream was a little too heavy...probably as a result of being plated and refrigerated from this morning. The violets were awesome though...little purple bursts of sugary sweetness. God - I need a nap before dinner.

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