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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to Break the Curse!

So, my friend scored awesome tickets to the playoff game on Friday, and with the series 2-1 for the Kings, tonight is a “make it or break it” game for my boys.
If they lose tonight, there is a chance that the Kings could be celebrating a Western Conference quarterfinal series win on Friday. Since the previous two Canucks versus Kings games were so disappointing, I have been asked by other superstitious fans to do the EXACT OPPOSITE of everything I’ve done for those two games.
So previously:
1. I had dinner out with other people.
2. I wore Canucks gear, once a pink t-shirt, and once a grey t-shirt.
3. I drank wine.
So tonight:
1. I will eat dinner at home, alone. Actually, can I just eat with different people?
2. I could either wear my #33 jersey or something non-Canucks at all.
3. Taking the leap and switching to white wines, martinis and shooters.
Taking Suggestions: Is there anything else I should do to turn the karma around?

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