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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saunaing Saturday

Woke up a little sore from all the workouts lately, so decided to treat myself to an hour or two at the sauna. Peaceful sweating until I realized I was going to be late heading down for dinner with the BFF! Planning to head down to Phnom Penh for some of their signature wings, but 7pm on a Saturday night? Don't be silly. Instead, we derailed and headed to Campagnolo instead (review here). Good conversation and good food. It's always nice catching up, reminiscing about the past and plottng the future. She was so impressed with the food that she ended up ordering a pizza to take home! Now, I sort of wished I was smart enough to have done
Headed home to relax some more... guess the heat of the sauna just drained me.

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