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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playoff Thursday!

Clubhouse on UrbanspoonSo another yummy dinner was required to before we headed to another awesome event at GM Place…Game One of the Stanley Cup Playoffs! Cravings were super random, from Hainenese Chicken Rice to BBQ Duck to Pho.
As we were heading downtown, I was getting a little antsy, and he suggested Clubhouse Sushi. I had never been before but had heard about it. Not good things, not bad things…just that it was there. We walked in around 5:30 and the place only had one other customer. It was Bif Naked and some friends. I’m not a fan, so I didn’t recognize her.
After we were seated and given menus, I looked and was surprised by some of the items on there. The deep fried sushi, the cream cheese sushi…and the Ooh Avocado. Actually, that one disgusted me. The menu has a lot of pictures so it took some time to settle down and decide on food.
The server came by two seconds after dropping off the drink menu and asked what we wanted. When we said that we needed a few moments to decided, she flitted off and returned, this time asking us if we were ready to order food.
Now, if the restaurant was rammed and we looked like some other couple that was eating there, I’d sort of (no, not even then) understand. However, it was either us, or Bif Naked. So, we ordered, but I felt so pressured…as if I was in a Future Shop taking too long to walk past a new 3D television, only to be accosted by commission salesmen.
The first to arrive was the Sashimi Special, as well as the Toro Special. Now, it would have been nice had she told us that there was already toro in the sashimi special, because we probably would have ordered another of the daily special sashimi. It was good toro, but we didn’t really need 8 slices (4 in the special and 4 in the platter). Another weird thing on the sashimi platter was the presence of smoked salmon.
Why couldn’t they have just given us 4 pieces of instead? We also ordered their Scallop, Avocado and Tobiko roll, asking them to make it without the avocado…which they did. The scallop in both the sashimi and the roll was amazingly fresh and sweet. I didn’t think I’d miss the avocado, but with all the whiteness of the rice and scallop plus the scantiness of the tobiko made the roll, although tasty, quite unattractive. I didn't bother taking a picture.
We also got the Grilled Salmon Belly. That was really good too. They served it with lemon, which I was used too, but they didn't serve it with the grated daikon, which I really liked. It worked as a perfect medium to soak up soy sauce, which you can then dip the salmon pieces in. The onion-like things on the lower right hand corner is my failed attempt to use the sliced daikon from the sashimi platter as a substitute soy sauce holder.

Overall, the food is really good, but I think the owner is more interested in being a friend to the patrons rather than to be their server. Oh, and on a side note, their wasabi is hot, and they have low-sodium soy if you ask.

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