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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Camping out at Campagnolo

Finally got a chance for dinner with the BFF. With a baby in her life, it’s been harder to get together. Once we were seated, we both ordered a glass of vino each. From the Antipasti section, we knew that the Crispy Ceci is their more well-known appetizer, so we ordered one of those. And from the Salumi section, I decided to try their Dry Cured Chorizo. I had been craving this since my mom’s taster from her Grilled Halibut at Coast last week (that review here). A huge bowlful of ceci (chickpeas) arrived, sprinkled with peperoncini, mint and citrus. It is a very generous portion and definitely more than enough to share! Who knew you could coax crispiness out of chickpeas! This is a far cry from the usual way I use/eat chickpeas…uh, hummus anyone? The chorizo came, thinly sliced…laid out in 4 x 4 rounds, and made me want to play checkers with them. Perfectly cured and super tasty…not too salty as can often happen with cured meats, and delicately spiced. This was the start of a great meal.
After having too many pizzas and flatbreads lately, we both opted to have their pasta, from the primi section. I got the Tagliarini with the pork ragu, basil and pecorino. My friend got their Rigatoni special, in what seems like a Bolognese sauce. There is just something unbeatable about fresh pastas done right.
Tagliarini is an egg noodle, long and flat, just a little narrower than tagliatelle. The pork ragu tasted as though someone slaved over it all day…tender morsels of pork that practically melt in your mouth. Her rigatoni was cute little round tubes, perfect to munch down with the Bolognese sauce. Portions are not huge, no Anducci’s-sized portions here, but it is just the right amount to fill you up. And with the old world taste of the sauce and homemade texture of the pasta, each mouthful leaves you very satisfied.
I was so delighted with the meal and the service that I booked my Mother’s Day brunch here. I can’t wait to post the review on that. Based on my meal tonight, I’m sure their Frittata and Colazione are fabulous.
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