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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Eating Away my Thursday - Part II

Arrived a few minutes late for dinner, but we pretty much knew what we wanted. It’s hotpot – fresh live prawns are part of the sadistic tradition, as is a plate of fatty beef, with a side of veggies. We stuck to our usual soup (century egg and cilantro) but we did introduce some new items this time around.
Instead of the usual 1lb of prawns that we usually get, which works out to about 10 pieces, we decided to order 1.5lb, thereby netting us 14 gigantic prawns. We had 8 stir-fried…as only a well-seasoned wok from a Chinese restaurant can – complete with the boiling oil and chilies - um...okay, LOTS of chilies. The other six…we were eating raw! Heads were still on, and they were skewered. The last time I had a live prawn was a Kamei, but this was infinitely better. We ate two before I remembered to take a photo!
The other new addition this time were deep-fried fresh oysters…man…oh man…freshest oyster, flash deep-fried to a crisp…it was amazing. I’m drooling as am I typing. The sad thing, is…we only had one gigantic oyster each, and we ate them so fast I forgot to take a pic!
So, then onto the beef and veggies, accompanied with a lot of conversation.
I’ve known this friend for 15+ years, and between my friend from lunch today (19 years), that’s a lot of experience talking. They know me so well that it’s scary…and wonderful. Their insight and objectivity have always been invaluable.

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