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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sprained my Arm...

Stayed home from work today due to a workout injury. Between the chest and incline presses that I did, as well as the various planks and other bench related exercises that I’ve been doing, I must have pulled something in my arm, and pulled it bad. I didn’t notice the pain right away, but there was definitely pain involved when I was driving home yesterday. I couldn’t make a turn using my right arm only. The next thing that made me realized it was the pain I got when trying to open the fridge for a Coke Zero! Emailed my boss last night to advise her of my stupidity.
Woke up early this morning but just couldn’t get out of bed. In desperate need of soothing food and shameless pampering. Since I can’t really drive, I enlisted my friend to help me out by taking me to lunch at NingTu (review here)…and to Costco…and to the liquor store.
Had to get TP from Costco. I’ved been living on my own for 9 months and this is the first time I have bought TP for my place. I’ve been mooching off my mom this entire time…shameful!
Got a ton of new magazines and enough European sausages to have my very own sausage fest tonight! Yes, I took them out of the original packaging...and repackaged into ziploc baggies in a less menacing portion...only 4 at a time. Wonder if they shrink in the freezer?

Staying in for an old school WAP night, (W
ine and Austin Powers) night. It’s an old school tradition and one that has been forgotten for way too long. The race is on to see who can recite more lines from the movie…we opted for AP #2 with just a touch of Liz Hurley and a whole lot of Heather Graham. Hmmm, he thinks the crochet dress would be one wicked Halloween costume…I just need to get a wig…and the body!

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