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Monday, April 05, 2010

Manic Monday

Yay – I love uber long weekends. Woke up later than normal, close to 10am and dragged my butt to the gym. Planned for a super long workout, cardio, weights, abs and maybe some balancing poses. Worked out for about an hour and settled in for a long day of rest and relaxation. Fully intended to update blog but found myself totally unmotivated. Instead, I did laundry – lots more clothes to wash now that I’m working out daily.
Made myself a healthy dinner of baby bok choy with beansprouts, as well as homemade meatballs. I know, it is a weird combination, but it works for me! Counting down the days to my next weird health kick…low-carb diet, not no-carb, but definitely lower. Better finish that baguette I brought, will go well with the cambozola and stilton that I got on Saturday.

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