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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Mommy!

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My mom loves seafood, so it only makes sense to take her to Coast. She had only been there for lunch while I was taking a break at work, so I thought it would be a treat to let her have a more leisurely meal there.
Upon arrival, we were brought upstairs, except our oval table was only set for two. The hostess walked us back to the top of the stairs while they hastily placed a third setting at the table. It seemed like a tight squeeze, but what really concerned me was…the original was for four people…what would they have done then? Despite the seating kerfuffle, we had a great meal. My mom fell in love with the Grilled Halibut special, and I gently nudged my stepdad into sharing the Signature Chilled Platter with me.
To start, we had the Sablefish Flat Bread. It was a little too fishy, so my stepdad only had one piece. My mom ended up taking the rest home for lunch the next day. The crust was perfect, and the capers and olives were a good balance for the sablefish.
The Grilled Halibut came in a broth filled with fresh veggies as well as some spicy chorizo sausage. We know my mom loved it because she never once offered her us a sample, which is a rarity. The only thing I did taste was the chorizo, only because it was too spicy for her, but perfect for me. 

Our seafood platter arrived and I was…disappointed. The last time I had it, it was a serving for 3. This time, a serving for 2 seemed so lacklustre. All the usual suspects were present, raw oysters, mussels, spicy tuna sushi roll, salmon sashimi, lobster, king crab legs, Dungeness crab legs, and gigantic prawns.It was served with 3 sauces, a marmalade, seafood sauce, and some white horseradish cream. The best is the seafood sauce. One thing that was lacking…lemon. They didn’t give us a single wedge…until I asked. One thing that wasn’t lacking…cutlery…we had forks, smaller forks, shell crackers, and even a little fish knife. The oysters were shucked much better then during their lunch service, difference between the day and night staff, maybe? Everything else is pretty standard, pretty much boil and cool…so nothing to compliment or complain about.
Around dessert time, I asked the waiter to place a sparkler in the Chocolate Mascarpone Brownie we ordered. To my surprise, we also received their dessert sampler, with a Vanilla Cheesecake Lollipop, Gianduja Delight, Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Nibs, and the Passionfruit and Chocolate tartlet. The brownie was amazing, the pistachio cream was delicious. And even though I don’t like cheesecake, I loved the lollipop too! As a friend has said…anything tastes better when it’s on a stick. I have to say…he’s right! The chocolate tartlet and the Gianduja delight were easy to share, but one of us should have just swallowed the honeycomb whole! Trying to split that was like splitting an ice cube.
Service was excellent, the waiter took him time and took some photos for us to celebrate the occasion, and he even complimented me on the pictures that I was taking of all the food. Yeah, I’m a sucker for compliments. You will always get great service at the Glowbal Groups location…especially if they know it is a special occasion.
The food was excellent as always, even if there wasn’t enough on my platter. I was full, but I wanted to be stuffed, and I wasn’t. I was actually tempted to dive into my mom’s lunch to finish off the meal.

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