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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Game I dare to watch?

So, after witnessing the Canucks win at home at GM Place on Friday (more on that later), I was excited to watch the away game, since it will not be a do-or-die game for the Canucks. Obviously, I want them to win as quickly as possible, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if they didn't win today. It would mean that they would play Game 7 here and win the series at home! *wink*

So it was with that thought in mind that I accepted my friend's invitation to watch the game with him at his place, where I witnessed the depressing Game 2 loss as well as a regular season loss. If memory serves me right, both time the Canucks were leading, both times he left the room, and both times, the opposing team scored, once it was three goals, and two during Game 2.

I repeated my strategy from last Wednesday, didn't wear anything Canuck-y, but still drank red wine. It was good game, with a 4-2 win by the Canucks to take the series in 6 games! Full recap here.
I guess some jinxes can be broken!

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