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Friday, April 16, 2010

My 1000 Tweet

How do you measure 1,000 tweets?
  • Started Tweeting: February 1, 2009
  • I’m so embarrassed that my very first tweet was about TV.
  • My 12th tweet or my first meaningful tweet.
  • Number of employers I interviewed with before I got the job: 1
  • Number of interviews I had with this employer with before I got the job: 4
  • Number of places I’ve lived in: 3 and now finally in my own
  • Number of TIMES I looked at my place before making an offer: 2
  • Number of PLACES I looked at my place before making an offer: 2
  • Number of days from offer to the move-in date: 21
  • Concerts I’ve been to: 5 (Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, BEP, and NKOTB, don’t ask.)
  • Number of trips: 4 Toronto, Tofino, Malahat and Toronto.
Things I’ve learned from Twitter: in less than 140 characters
  1. You can’t follow everyone who follows you, but you will try.
  2. Find people to follow on the public timeline. It’s like trying out a new author.
  3. Spread the joy. Respond to and retweet people when they say something interesting.
  4. Random Tweets from strangers can be more entertaining than Updates of FB "friends".
  5. Twitter makes you think succinctly. Sometimes, 140 characters is all you need. Sometimes.
Other memorable things
  • February 2009 – Started blogging in earnest – lot of recipes and doggy pictures…
  • March 2009 – Started my current job – and loved it. Welcomed with flowers and a liquid lunch.
  • April 2009 - Buying my own diamond ring – a Tiffany one, no less, and doggies in TO!!
  • May 2009 – Canucks fall to Blackhawks in Post-Season in 6 games (yes, a true Canuck fan) and the new Star Trek movie (yes, a true Trekkie).
  • June 2009 - Buying my own home!!
  • July 2009 – Despite trying to be environmentally friendly, I broke down and gave Impark a big chunk of change.
  • August 2009 – Family vacation, first time in 6+ years…
  • September 2009 – Played host to Rob, spa-ah-ed at the renowned Relais and Chateaux rated Aerie. Divine!
  • October 2009 – Bid a long overdue goodbye to a negative person and welcomed a few old friends back. Start of the Canucks 2009-2010 season!
  • November 2009 – More friends from TO drop by, and more old friends back in the fray...
  • December 2009 – Doggie heaven!
  • January 2010 – PS3 hooked up – a whole new world opens…Street Fighter, BluRay movies…
  • February 2010 – Olympics 2010 and Team Canada Mens and Womens Hockey Gold!
  • March 2010 – Olympic hangover but cured by hitting the gym…5:30 baby…
  • April 2010 – Canucks Post Season starts…1,000th tweet! Plus a slow and cautious foray in to food blogging...
I wonder how I will look back on the next 1,000? I know I can’t wait for the journey to continue! Why don't you follow me and find out?

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