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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Strolling Sunday

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Yay – welcome back meat! Things with legs! I’m craving BBQ duck, Chicken Wings, Beef Short Rib, and so so much more. Will start off with Phnom Penh chicken wings to ease into my meat eating day. Also got the beef brisket noodles which were delicious too! The wings were perfect, as they always are - super crispy on the outside, and juicy and moist on the inside. the Lemon Pepper dipping sauce is amazing...essentially RealLemon that you can get at any grocery store, with a very generous dose of very finely ground black pepper. BTW - if you make this concoction at home, you should dip your next Church's Fried Chicken into it. It's a whole new East meets West thing. The beef brisket noodle soup was disappointing. I always get it and always hope that it would actually come "spicy" as indicated on the menu. I asked for extra spicy this time when ordering...but she just said taht she will bring me hot sauce. Meats were tender, noodles were good as usual, but just not spicy!
Next time, going to have more people join…because I was craving the Chicken in Clay Pot rice as well as the Butter Beef.

Walked around Robson and English Bay in search of dessert…satisfied a cupcake craving…just a mini one is all I need. Were it a warmer day, I could have gone for the Marble Slab ice creamery next door.
Headed over to Glowbal for a quick bevy before the Canucks game tonight. Well, one drink turned into two…man, those olives, the Goose…addictive. Headed over to GM place before we got completely smashed. It really sucks that you can’t smoke in GM Place anymore…Despite all my complaining before, I could have lived with the 6 metres rule. So full from my yummy lunch that I didn’t even get my usual Hot Dog with Fried Onions! So buzzed from the Glowbal martinis that I barely finished two wines at the game!
The game was awesome…right up to the last minute. We were up 3-1 when the Canucks decided to stop playing. How can you let someone score their first NHL goal ever against you with less than a minute left? Defense people, and even before the announcer finished recapping the goal, the Wilds scored AGAIN! Can’t believe we had to go into OT…only good thing? Henrik got a point, and now leads Ovechkin by four points.
As a side note, my average is now 11 wins out of 14 games…

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