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Friday, April 23, 2010

Joeys - revisited

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Went for lunch to Joeys’ today because a friend decided to drop by downtown. I rarely go for lunch especially on Fridays, since most restaurants are usually notoriously busy at noon. Exception made, and I’m so glad I did it.
There was a wait, as expected, but they offered us beverages (non-alcoholic) and even brought out an amuse bouche. Tiny bites of steak and prawn that were served on tiny Chinese soup spoons, very yummy. Probably because we were really hungry! The steak was perfectly medium rare, and the prawns were sweet and juicy. This was the start to a good lunch.

Once we were seated and bevvies ordered, we perused the menu. I was allover the map…burgers, lobster grilled cheese, grilled chicken souvlaki, Chinatown lettuce wraps…oh my! We settled on Spicy Italian Flatbread and the Lunch Rotisserie Chicken.
The flatbread was amazing…spicy, topped with basil and olives. It was like a rectangular thin crust pizza, so so good. The rotisserie chicken was succulent, slightly crispy skin and juicy on the inside. My friend likes white meat, and I love dark meat. It’s like a match made in heaven. I gobbled up the leg and thigh, and he polished off the breast and wing. The fries reminded me of McDonald’s…slightly greasy but with lots of crispy bits. I made the waitress serve the ketchup with loads of pepper, and we polished off most of the fries. There was a rough chop coleslaw, and it was much better than the one we had a Coast that accompanied the “His” lunch box.
I would say that the lunch was perfect…even the service was better than expected. I’ve been primed to expect super slow service during lunchtime, but I was amazed by the speed at which our food came, and everything was tasty. I would definitely return.

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