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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tuckered out Tuesday

Well, I think I definitely overdid it yesterday when I worked out. Super sore today, it hurts to laugh, cough, and even to do the downward dog. Woke up without the aid of my alarm clock this morning, which means I woke up late. Not crazy late, just about 10 minutes later than usual. Decided to cut my treadmill portion to only 12 minutes…did some more plants and vsits, until I was about to die.
Off to work with not much to do today – just making revisions on some memos and editing. Also got caught up on the emails that came in on Monday, since most people were not off.
Home right after work for a quick visit with a friend where about an hour was spent debating the quality of Coke Zero versus Diet Coke. Rushed to get ready afterwards, to head out to the Canucks game at GM Place.
Since I didn’t get to munch on my hot dog with fried onions on Sunday, the goal was to make up for that today! Grabbed a glass of wine (or two) and settled in to watch the game. The Avalanche started the scoring off with a goal from Tucker, followed by a goal by Daniel to tie it up. The joy didn’t last long, since the Avalanche came back and scored less than a minute later. A goal by Mason Raymond again ties it up, but darn Stastny scored with less than 6 minutes left in the third. Two minutes later, Daniel scores to make it 3-3. I hate OT and I hate Shootouts. My winning average took a hit tonight…73.33%...I’m blaming the pink jersey. Maybe we’ll have a little bonfire to “celebrate”.

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