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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Faves from Coast of Glowbal Group for Dine Out Vancouver

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Glowbal Group's Dine Out preview earlier this week and here are some of my favourite picks from Coast. Check my picks from Black and Blue here.  Salmon 6 We started off at Coast where we had both appetizers, but the Salmon Tartar was my favourite (the other was a Bay Scallop & Clam Chowder). I liked this dish from Chef Pedro because the vinaigrette made with galangal and lime was just so refreshing. The salmon was marinated nicely and the chunks were just the right size.Snapper The entree the won my heart was the Grilled Snapper. The vegetables a la grecque was a nice light accompaniment to the rich buttery fish, but the citrus beurre blanc really made the dish. The skin was crispy, and I loved the fact that they served it "skin on". The fish was cooked just right and it was fork tender and flaked easily. Alberta Beef 2 My second favourite of their three entrees was the Grilled Alberta Beef, "Oscar Style". Instead of asparagus, they substituted it with charred peppers, and they replaced the crab bearnaise with a prawn bearnaise. What I really like wasn't so much the accompaniments, it was the fact that the beef was cooked perfectly. Scallop They have some add-ons to their Dine Out menu and I have to admit, I was a little surprised that Rosemary Scallops was an add-on, I actually expected something like this to be an appetizer option. But if you do have are hungry enough and want to add something to your dinner, this is the way to go.  Prawn Mashed Potato They do have another comfort food side, Prawn Mashed Potatoes. And this dish is perfect for someone looking for a bit of comfort with their Dine Out meal. The potatoes are creamy and you can definitely taste the prawn flavour in this little side dish. If you got the Alberta Beef and wanted something hearty to go with it, then this is perfect! 
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